7 Things that can Go Bad if You Choose the Wrong Toilet Supplier

If you’re renting toilets for an upcoming event, you might assume that all portable restroom suppliers are the same. After all, they’re just toilets, right? How much of a difference can there be?!

However, choosing the wrong portable restroom service can be a big mistake. You may be able to save a few bucks upfront by going with a company that no one has ever heard of, but beware, it can end up costing you a lot in the long-run!

Always opt for a professional company with lots of years in the industry to ensure that your event won’t be ruined by rental reservation mix-ups, poor-quality units, or other common issues.

Here are the top 7 things that can go bad if you choose the wrong portable restroom supplier:

  • Lost Rental Reservation

There’s nothing worse than planning a large event only to have a vendor fall through at the last moment, leaving you scrambling and ready to pull your hair out. You don’t want to plan the details of your event only to find out in the critical moments leading up to it that your portable toilet supplier has lost your rental reservation. If your event is over a holiday weekend (like Memorial Day, 4th of July, etc.) or other popular time, you could be left without any other rental options, crippling your event.

Safeguard yourself against scheduling mix-ups by using a reputable portable restroom company that’s accustomed to handling large volumes of reservations during the busy spring/summer months.

  • Late Delivery

Missing the delivery window is another risk you run when using a fly-by-night toilet rental company. You don’t want your event to begin without bathrooms in place for guests to use from the start, nor do you want your event interrupted by a company delivering porta potties. (This can be both inconvenient and unsafe if you have a lot of attendees or if the event is being held in a small space.) Instead, choose a reliable provider that will get your units delivered and set up on time.

  • Dirty Units

Your event deserves the utmost respect, which means that any units you rent should be cleaned and ready to use upon delivery. The units themselves should also be in good condition and fully stocked with refillable items like toilet paper and hand sanitizer.

If possible, ask to see some sample units before renting and keep an eye out for any signs of disrepair. When porta johns and trailers arrive at your event, inspect them to make sure they’re in keeping with the quality you were promised.

  • The Wrong Units

With so many variations to the standard porta potty, it’s possible that the wrong units could be delivered to your event if your bathroom rental provider didn’t keep good notes regarding your rental details.

Ensure that you have the correct number of units overall as well as the right break down of Elite Units, handicapped accessible units, and restroom trailers. While it may just be a matter of preference at private events, public events may require a certain percentage of bathrooms be ADA-compliant or family-friendly.

  • Missing Add-Ons

Like missing the right kinds of units is the disappointment that results from missing the add-ons you were expecting. If you were renting hand washing stations, hand sanitizer units, or extra capacity holding tanks, those should be delivered dependably along with the porta toilet units you’ve reserved. While missing these isn’t as critical as missing the toilets themselves, not having these add-ons when you were counting on them can throw your event plans off.

  • Poor Placement

Some portable toilet providers will just deliver units wherever is convenient for them to unload them. This may mean that the units aren’t spread out appropriately over the event area, conveniently located for guests, or that they don’t open in the right direction and allow enough room for easy accessibility.

Reputable providers, however, will take the time to analyze the event layout to determine where it’s best to place units. They’ll take your guests’ needs into consideration to find a great location that maximizes accessibility while keeping them from being too obtrusive.

  • Unfriendly Service

Just because they’re in the waste business doesn’t mean that your portable toilet supplier should have a crappy attitude! Using the right company will ensure that you receive quality service with a smile. Just like any other service provider, your restroom provider should work hard to make you happy and earn your repeat business.

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