6 Practical Tips for Choosing Your Wedding Colors

Planning a wedding involves a lot of decision-making and one of the first decisions you’ll make is choosing a color scheme for your wedding. But with so many great colors to choose from, how will you ever decide which ones to pick for your big day? These real-world tips will help you find the perfect colors for your wedding:

  1. Consider the Setting
  2. One thing that will greatly influence your color choice is the setting for your wedding. Each venue will have a different look that can help you to rule out certain colors. For instance, an outdoor wedding will typically have lighter/brighter colors like greens, pinks, and yellows rather than dark dramatic colors like plum, black, or burgundy. Since you most likely have to reserve your wedding venue before doing anything else, this big decision that you’ve already made will set the stage for choosing the right colors for your wedding.

  3. Go Seasonal
  4. Nothing is easier than using the season when your wedding will occur as a basis for your color scheme! Going with some playful greens/yellows for a spring wedding, a warm palate of reds/oranges/browns for a fall wedding or an icy palate of whites/blues/silvers for a winter wedding is a great way to ensure that your colors will look picture-perfect!

  5. Incorporate a Theme
  6. If you and your partner have a shared passion or particular style, you may want to incorporate that theme into your wedding. For instance, these popular wedding themes have distinct color palates:

    • Rustic Charm – browns, pastels
    • Modern – black, deep reds/blues/purples
    • Vintage – ivory, soft pinks, browns
    • Fairytale – pinks and purples
    • Beach – blues and greens
    • Classic – white
    • Nautical – complementary blues
    • Garden/Outdoors – greens, yellows, pinks
    • Retro – bright neon colors

    You can get even more creative if you’re feeling adventurous, centering your wedding theme around your favorite place, time period, movie, TV show, video game, or holiday.

  7. Create a Vibe
  8. Your colors will set the tone for your wedding, with deeper colors indicating a more formal wedding and lighter colors indicating a more casual wedding. Bright colors convey a high energy vibe while pastels and muted soft tones convey a more laid-back vibe. Knowing how you want your wedding to be perceived and what guests should expect out of the event can help guide you in the direction of a particular color palate.

  9. Pick Your Favorites
  10. If all else fails, just choose our favorite colors for your wedding! You’re already selecting your favorite dress style, menu items, and time of the year for your wedding, so why not just do the same for our colors? Picking your favorites ensures that you’ll feel good about the big day regardless of what anyone else thinks. (Plus, you’ll be the one looking at the pictures and videos years later, not Aunt Edna.) Go with your gut and choose what you think looks great!

  11. 6. Keep it Simple
  12. Some people hear the term “color palate” and assume that they’ll need a whole slew of colors to splash on everything related to their big day. The truth of the matter though is that you really only need one or two colors (three max) to create a good-looking color scheme for your wedding. You don’t want to overdo it and end up having your wedding venue look like a tie-dyed shirt (unless of course, that’s the theme you decide on!) Keep in mind that as you start to stack up wedding essentials like invitations, table linens, floral arrangements, bridesmaids’ dresses, etc. there will be some natural color variation from item to item, so you’ll already have some variety in your color scheme.

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