6 Considerations for When Your Small Gathering Turns into a Big Party

We’ve all been there! You invite a few friends, family members, or neighbors over for a party/the big game/a holiday meal/etc. and then it spirals out of control. Your spouse or kids (or both) invited more people who are all bringing their families now and someone asked if they could bring some of their friends too. Now your small gathering has turned into a big shindg.

Before you panic, take a deep breath and remind yourself that you’ve got this. The whole thing doesn’t have to become stressful and scary if you take some time now to plan for the crowd that’ll be coming.
Here are the biggest factors you’ll need to take into consideration:

  • Food

Obviously, you’re going to need more food now. But before you start adding more menu items and increasing the amount of work you’ll need to do, use these tips to ratchet up food quantities while minimizing work:

      • Find foods that can be prepared with minimal effort like crockpot dishes and simple appetizers. If you have kids that want to help, this is a good way to get them involved while taking some of the work off your plate.
      • Scale up existing food plans by doubling or tripling dishes that lend themselves well to large portions like casseroles and grilled items. You’ll have more food without needing to plan additional ingredients. Just get more of everything when you go shopping and increase portions from there.
      • Order out! Pizza, subs, and family-style dishes are a great way to stretch your budget when you need to feed a lot of people. As a bonus, if your order is large enough, your favorite restaurant or local eatery will probably deliver even if delivery isn’t usually offered.

Remember that you can always ask guests to bring a dish potluck-style to help you out. Many people will probably ask ahead of time if there’s anything that they can bring, so this is the perfect opportunity to ask for some side dishes, salads, and desserts.

  • Space

If your event is in the spring or summer, you can always move additional guests outdoors to maximize space. However, if your gathering is in the fall or winter, you’ll need to get a little more creative. Usually rearranging furniture can free up more space for people to stand, sit, and eat. Another idea is to expand to another area of your house. Consider cleaning out an area of your home that’s usually off-limits like a basement or upstairs loft to accommodate more people.

Alternatively, you can opt to rent a venue or reserve a free venue like a church or public place to host your event. Just be sure to clearly communicate the change to guests so that they know what to expect!

  • Bathrooms

More people means more… um… need for bathrooms! Portable toilet rentals can help you accommodate more people at your event. But don’t think that you’ll need to have a porta potty delivered to your front steps. You can opt for a luxury portable restroom rental to keep your event feeling home-y and nice. These trailers come in many different sizes and tout a wide variety of amenities and features to keep guests happy. As an added bonus, they can be used in all seasons and weather conditions because they’re climate-controlled.

  • Entertainment

Don’t forget to plan more entertainment and activities for your additional guests. Ensure that the items you’ll offer are age-appropriate and provide plenty of options to keep people entertained. This may mean offering kids activities while the adults watch the big game or having yard games for people who aren’t interested in the concert you were planning, but the extra effort that you put in will pay off when people enjoy themselves and are thankful that you hosted such a wonderful gathering.

  • Parking

Where will all the extra cars go? Plan for this ahead of time to keep your neighbors happy. Familiarize yourself with the policies of your neighborhood, city, or township to ensure that guests won’t be breaking any rules or local statutes. If you need extra space, ask your neighbors if guests can park in their driveways too.

  • Trash

Plan to have lots of trash during the event and afterwards. Consider getting some larger trashcans to accommodate the increased amount of trash. You may also want to get another can for recyclables or deposit items to keep them separate. Plan to make a trip to your local dump after the event or inform your trash collection company that you’ll have a large pick-up the following week.

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