5 Summer Birthday Bash Essentials

If you’re planning a birthday bash for a friend or family member, you want to bring everything together perfectly to create an event that everyone will remember. But what do you need to pull off a legendary get together? Throwing a great summer birthday party requires a few key essentials:

  1. Live Music
  2. Great music can set the stage for an amazing party. Hiring a local band is a fun way to bring in some regional talent to entertain guests and create a unique experience for the birthday guy or gal. Live music is the best way to go because everyone loves rocking out to a live band, but if that isn’t in the budget a great playlist will suffice.

  3. Great Food
  4. Delicious food makes a party! People love cook outs in the summer and having a BBQ allows you to make food as people get hungry so that partygoers can keep eating throughout the event. Firing up the grill gives you the option to make a wide variety of foods to suit various guest preferences and opens up the opportunity for guests to bring sides and desserts to accompany the meal.

    Michigan is famous for their craft beers, so having some of these on tap for guests that are of age is a great way to incorporate some local flavor. Depending on the size of the party, you may want to get a keg or some growlers full of local brew.

  5. Games and Attractions
  6. Tailgating games are popular for outdoor summer parties. Games like cornhole, ladder toss, washers and Frisbee are fun for guests of all ages. Having lots to do ensures that people will find plenty of things to keep them entertained and having a good time no matter how late the party goes.

  7. Fire
  8. A fire pit or bonfire is a great way to bring people together. As the sun sets, a fire pit or bonfire will keep guests warm, provide illumination and also allow the opportunity for s’mores and other campfire-style desserts. Fires also encourage community as people gather around them and hang out.

  9. Luxury Restrooms
  10. Lastly, luxury restrooms will take your birthday party to a whole new level. Instead of asking guests to use regular porta potties (or, shiver, the woods), you can treat your guests to a luxury restroom trailers that have flushing toilets, running water, lighting and climate control. You’ll definitely be able to potty like a rock star with these fancy party restrooms.

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