Afraid of Portable Toilets? Don’t Be!

Paruresis is the fear of using public toilets, which might sound like a funny phobia to some people. However, even people that are totally okay with using public restrooms can still be nervous or even downright terrified of using a porta potty. Afraid of portable toilets? This “portapottyphobia” usually stems from one of several common misconceptions. People are afraid that portable toilets will be dirty, tip over, or expose them to waste. But these are just downright untrue!

Here are 5 reasons not to be afraid of portable toilets:

They’re Sanitary

Sure, some portable toilets are dirty. But some public and home bathrooms are dirty too (really dirty!) and we still use them. Regular cleaning keeps portable toilets n good working order. And this cleaning is likely much more thorough than other public restrooms. Portable toilet suppliers are in the business of cleaning and preparing porta potties for use, which means that they do a great job of sanitizing everything for your use. Before a unit is rented, it is emptied, cleaned top to bottom, and stocked with toilet paper and hand sanitizer for comfortable use. The result is an ultra-clean bathroom in a convenient outdoor location.

They Won’t Tip Over

Porta potties only tip over when they’re placed in an improper location, misused, or improperly maintained. There have been stories of people intentionally tipping over portable toilets while friends are inside, but that’s hardly the porta potty’s fault! (And really, if you’re worried about this, you may want to find some new friends!)

Units placed on uneven or non-solid ground can also result in a tipping hazard, but this is usually only a risk when they are privately transported and maintained. A portable restroom service provider will have the experience needed to select the right location for each unit. When in doubt, opt for a unit on a paved surface (if you have the option) to reduce your fears.

It is possible for a unit to topple over when it is being loaded or unloaded during transport. However, there shouldn’t be anyone inside during these times, so you don’t need to worry about that.

You Don’t Have to Touch Anything Gross Inside

For some reason people worry that just because they can see waste down in the tank while doing their business that they’ll have to touch it too. This is just silly! The excrement in the waste holding tank should be well out of reach, so just stay away from it. If something is overflowing or someone has… um… left something behind improperly, report the problem to event or location staff so that it can be cleaned up right away.

You Really Can Get Your Hands Clean Afterwards

All porta johns should have hand sanitizer pumps installed to create sanitary conditions for users. These pumps are re-stocked when units are serviced, providing you with a way to get your hands clean after doing your business. At larger events, there may even be standalone outdoor
sinks for proper handwashing. Either way, take advantage of these offerings to feel better when using a porta potty.

They’re a Better Option than Going Behind a Tree!

Remember, even if using a portable toilet isn’t the greatest experience of your life, it’s still better than going to the bathroom behind a tree. A porta potty will shield you from wind and rain, protect you from wild animals, and provide complete privacy. This last benefit is especially important if there’s any chance that someone else could be around!

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