5 Reasons to Fall in Love with Luxury Restroom Trailers

So you’ve heard about luxury portable restrooms, but you still have a lot of questions. Are they really “luxurious”? Are they worth the added cost to rent? How many will you need? Will they suit your event better than a traditional portable toilet? Will your guests be impressed? What should you expect when they’re delivered? We’re here to break down why you’ll love luxury restroom trailers! Here are the top 5 reasons that you won’t go back to regular porta potties after renting luxury portable toilets:

Popular Amenities

The main reasons why people don’t like porta johns is because they consider them “gross” or “smelly” or “unhygienic.” Many of those assumptions are actually unfounded, but that’s a different topic for a different day. When it comes to luxury restroom trailers you won’t hear any of those same remarks. Why? Because they have all of the same functionality and features as a regular indoor restroom. The popular amenities that they boast include:

  • Flushable toilets
  • Sinks with running water
  • Hand soap
  • Lights
  • Climate controlled interiors

These key differences make people feel right at home, which is the number one reason to love luxury bathroom trailers!

Elegant Finishes

On top of the great functionality that these trailers offer, they also have a lot of added finishes that make them feel elegant and luxurious. Some of the finishes that really help to put these luxury portable toilets over the top include:

  • Wooden cabinetry
  • Large glass mirrors
  • Accent rugs
  • Faux flowers/plants
  • Hanging wall art
  • Spacious countertops

These are the things that typically impress first time users the most, because they mimic the look of a residential master bathroom or hotel lobby bathroom. In fact, once you step foot inside one, you may forget that you’re even using a portable restroom!

Choice of Sizes

With trailers that range from 2-stall to 10-stall models, there are a variety of size options to choose from so that you don’t end up spending more than you need to for your event. This is one aspect that people really appreciate when it comes to renting portable toilets because unlike traditional porta potty units, you don’t have to decide on a set number of units. This means that you won’t have to stress and worry over whether you can get away with 3 units or whether you should rent 4 to be on the safe side. Instead, you can just select the appropriate trailer size for the number of guests that will be using them and the duration of your event! (For more information on which event restroom trailer will best suit your needs, contact us today!)

Aesthetic Appeal

Restroom trailers look really nice parked at any type of event, which is the reason why these luxury restrooms are the #1 choice for weddings and black tie events. Unlike a bank of porta potties that draws attention to itself, luxury restroom trailers are more subtle. They blend into their surroundings better and have classy-looking exteriors that mimic the look of a camper or food vending truck. Depending on the model that you choose, the exterior will either be a clean white or shiny silver metal, rather than the bright orange, green, or blue that’s typical for a porta potty.


No matter which type of portable toilet you rent, if Kerkstra provides it, we guarantee that it will be clean and well-maintained. However, your guests may feel cleaner using a restroom trailer over a standard portable toilet because they have access to an actual sink rather than just a hand sanitizer dispenser. Both get your hands clean all the same, but some guests really prefer to wash their hands rather than just sanitize them. If this is an important distinction to you, you can always rent a standalone hand washing station to accompany any portable toilet rental. But with luxury restroom trailers, that feature is automatically built in!

Kerkstra Luxury Portable Restroom Service Inc. provides portable restroom service across Michigan and luxury restroom trailers for all of the states surrounding the Great Lakes. Take a look at our mobile restroom trailers and request a quote today!