5 Questions to Ask Portable Toilet Suppliers Before You Rent

Renting a portable toilet? You probably have a lot of questions related to the process!

Rest assured, we’ve heard it all before and we’ve compiled the key questions that you should find the answers to as a part of the research process. These are the most important questions to ask before committing to a portable toilet supplier:

  • Do You Service My Area?

There’s no point in wasting your time discussing logistics if the portable toilet company you’re talking to doesn’t serve your area. The first question you should ask is where the supplier provides rental units. It’s possible that a supplier may service your event even if it’s outside their usual area depending on how big the event is. In most cases, however, you’ll know right away whether the location of your event is a non-starter or if you should continue the conversation.

  • How Many Toilets Will I Need?

You can estimate how many toilets you’ll need using a planning chart, but talking to the experts will give you a firm number of units to plan on renting. A portable restroom supplier may provide a suggested range of toilets to rent for your event, but often they’ll give you a number on the nose.

  • What are My Rental Options?

Once you know how many units you need, a supplier can provide you various options. The most common units to rent are standard units, but you can also consider elite units and luxury trailers as well. These fancier units provide additional amenities for renters that want more elaborate offerings for their events.

  • How Much Will It Cost?

This is usually the first question people ask when renting portable toilets, but it really shouldn’t come up until the basics have been covered. Once you have the specifics regarding service area and number/type of units, you can start discussing numbers. Ensure that you’re comparing apples to apples if you’re researching different companies. Get rental quotes for the same types of units whenever possible as well as relevant information on volume discounts.

  • Do You Recommend Any Upgrades?

With the basics covered, inquire about upgrades. Many times, you can rent additional items like hand sanitizing or handwashing stations to supplement other rentals. For events without a set end-time, adding on high-capacity holding tanks prolongs the usable duration of the units, which makes them a popular add-on. Ask each supplier what else they recommend including in the rental to explore other options as well.

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