5 Luxury Wedding Must-Haves

Planning a wedding means nailing down a lot of details – the guest list, a photographer, a videographer, the DJ or band, flowers, menus, guest favors, and more! While it can quickly seem overwhelming, these details all come together to make or break your special day. This is why planning every element of your wedding is so vital. There are tons of resources these days on how to have a wedding on budget or go the DIY route when it comes to your big day, but what if you want to have a truly luxurious wedding instead with (almost) no expense spared? These five elements are must-haves for any luxury wedding:

  1. A Designer Wedding Dress
  2. Your wedding dress is the first thing that your guests will notice as you come down the aisle. Taking the time to find the right dress is crucial to conveying the look you want your wedding to portray. It’s important to not only find a dress that you love, but also find a dress that loves you back. The right style and cut can make all the difference, which is why many brides with discerning taste will opt for a designer gown. Designer dresses tend to have a more customized fit than a mass produced dress that was tailored to fit a bride’s body. If you don’t want the expense of a designer wedding dress, you can wear off the rack as long as you have a really great tailor to do the alterations so that the dress looks like it was meant to fit your body specifically.

  3. Gorgeous Floral Arrangements
  4. At each guest table you’ll want to have a floral arrangement that serves as a decorative centerpiece for the space. In the arrangements, be sure to have the colors of your wedding mirrored in the flowers and accent pieces. Choosing the right flowers for your personality or the character of your wedding will carry the theme through each table.
    For the head table, have your florist use the same materials to create consistency, but feel free to go bigger. The floral arrangements for the head table can be larger and bolder than the ones on the guests’ tables because there is more space to accommodate them. Don’t be afraid to play with the idea of using unique items in these arrangements like feathers, glittery balls, and other items that pop. You want to catch as much attention as possible toward the front of the venue where the wedding party will be.

  5. Sophisticated Beverages
  6. Whether you choose to have an open bar, cash bar, or dry wedding, a luxury event should have special beverages that make the guests feel pampered. Depending on your personal preferences, you can choose to have top-shelf liquor, local craft beer, high-end champagne, or even hand-crafted sodas and sparkling juices. Beverages that are packaged in aesthetically pleasing single serving bottles are a fun way to get guests excited about your menu from the start of your cocktail hour. Just be sure to include enough variety so that there will be options for all different types of people.

  7. Luxury Restrooms
  8. It might not feel very luxurious to think about the bathrooms at your wedding, but the reality is that your guests will have to have facilities to use. If your event is outdoors or at a non-traditional wedding venue of some sort, the bathrooms provided may not be adequate (or up to your standards). In this case, you should think about renting luxury portable toilets. Luxury bathroom trailers provide the same look and feel as hotel bathrooms with their elegant décor and fancy finishes! Don’t believe us? Take a virtual tour and see for yourself!

  9. Unique Wedding Favors
  10. How many weddings have you been to where the favors are all the same bulk order items? For your luxury wedding, take the time to find the perfect favors to send your guests home with after your joyous celebration! Things like tiny bottles of artisan olive oil, jars of local honey, fine gourmet chocolates, or individually potted succulents make elegant unique favors for any wedding! Search online for inspiration and when it comes time to order, don’t forget to get a few extra so that you have them as mementos (or to enjoy yourself later on).

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