4 Ways to Make Your Event More Handicapped Accessible

The goal of any public event is to attract a wide audience, but if you’re not planning your event with handicapped attendees in mind, you may miss out on getting the largest audience possible. People with mobility issues, anyone in a wheelchair, families with strollers, and other handicapped individuals have just as much right as anyone else to attend public events. This is why it’s so critical that you plan your event mindfully so that they can have the same experience as anyone else. There are a few simple ways that you can make your upcoming event more handicapped accessible:

  1. Lower Counters
  2. Ticket counters, concession counters, and any other areas where people may need to pick up items or pay for thing should be low enough for people in wheelchairs to use them easily. If it’s not possible to lower these counters, you can always provide a lower table alongside existing counters to give people in wheelchairs better accessibility. But simply reducing counter heights isn’t enough – you also have to provide enough space for anyone on crutches or in a wheelchair to get access to the counters as well. The easiest way to ensure that you’re providing enough space is to test them out ahead of time to identify any issues that might arise.

  3. Widen Pedestrian Lanes
  4. Narrow pedestrian lanes constrict traffic and can create a difficult situation for handicapped individuals to maneuver through. To keep people moving and allow enough room for wheelchairs and strollers to get through, widen all pedestrian lanes as much as possible. It’s also a good idea on walkways to provide areas where people who need a little extra time can pull off to the side to rest to allow others to pass.

  5. Provide ADA Portable Toilets
  6. Make sure that the portable toilet supplier that you use for your event will provide handicapped accessible units for event attendees to use. ADA-compliant restrooms allow people who need extra room the space that they need to get in, move around, and use the facilities with ease. Ensure that you have plenty of ADA portable toilets to accommodate guests and that they are placed in a location that’s easy for handicapped individuals and families to get to.

  7. Use Ramps and Ground-Level Access
  8. Any area that doesn’t have ground-level access should have a wheelchair ramp to provide handicapped accessibility. Giving as many areas as possible ground-level access will reduce your costs by requiring fewer ramps and lifts. Remember, if ramps are outside, you may need to incorporate anti-slide mats or tape to prevent falls in the case of wet conditions.

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