4 Reasons Why Planning an Event is Easier than you Think

With warmer weather right around the corner you’re probably already starting to think about the parties and events that you’ll want to host this summer. But even with so much time between us and those long summer nights, there’s plenty of time to overthink your upcoming social plans. This is why planning a private event can feel overwhelming at times. But we’re here to remind you that it really doesn’t have to be! Here are four tips for simplifying your event planning to put together an event that’s fun and easy to pull off!

  1. You Can Host People Outside
  2. Don’t think that just because a party is happening at your place that you need to have people traipsing through your home! Why spend the time cleaning and tidying your house when you can take advantage of the nice summer weather and just keep everyone outside instead? By renting a tent to protect guests from too much sun or the chance of rain and portable restroom trailer you can make sure everyone’s needs are met without needing to have people overrunning your home.

  3. The Guest List Can Include Everyone
  4. Often times deciding who to invite can get tedious, political, and downright frustrating. By having the event outside, you’re not capped in the same way that you would be if you intended on hosting everyone under your roof. So, take advantage of that and just invite everyone. Inviting everyone on your block or all of your family in the area ensures no one’s feelings will get hurt by being left out. Some people won’t come, but they’ll be flattered that you thought of them and you’ll likely see more invites being extended to you as a result.

  5. Food Can Be Catered
  6. You don’t have to cook for every event that you host – that’s why catering was invented! Find a good caterer in the area and put together a menu for your event. You’ll enjoy the party more if you don’t have to cook, and you’ll be supporting a local business! Of course catering can be more expensive than doing the cooking yourself, so if you’re on a budget you’ll either have to pick less expensive menu options from the caterer, or go the potluck route and have everyone bring something to share.

  7. Entertainment Doesn’t Have to Be Elaborate
  8. Hiring a band is fun, but you don’t have to do anything that elaborate to ensure that guests have a good time. Doing something simple like running a cord outside to a stereo and providing lawn games can be just as fun! Popular tailgating games like washers or bags can keep partygoers entertained for hours! And if kids are invited, be sure to include activities for little ones as well!

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