4 Essentials for Camping in Style

Summer is here and people all over Michigan are heading out to go camping. Whether you’re going with your family or your friends, you can make memories that you’ll remember long after your sun tan has faded. But if you want to step your camping up a notch, we have 4 suggestions to take your camping to a whole new level.

  1. Portable Master Bathroom
  2. Let’s face it, going to the bathroom at a camp site isn’t much fun. Often times, you have to walk petty far to the bathroom and then you may end up having to wait in line. Then there’s the woods, and that isn’t always pretty (you know what we mean)! And don’t even get us started on showering while camping! The solution is to bring your own bathroom… and we’re not talking about those little portable toilets for potty training kids. Renting a master bathroom trailer is the way to go if you want to camp in style!

    The master bath shower trailer has three stalls each with a toilet, sink and shower. They are air conditioned for comfortable use, provide hot and cold water for showering and hand washing, and even have flushable toilets. It’s truly like having the amenities of home while enjoying the outdoors. The best part is that there won’t be any complaining or fighting over getting into the bathroom or showering among family and friends. (In fact, you may even make some new friends when they see your amazing accommodations!)

  3. Air Mattress with Sheets and Blankets
  4. Sleeping on an air mattress is always better than sleeping on the ground, and sleeping with sheets and blankets is always better than being crammed into a sleeping bag. Camp in style with a durable air mattress that will keep you comfortable while reading, sleeping or watching the sunset. An air mattress will keep you more comfortable so that you’ll be ready physically to tackle a long day of boating, hiking, or swimming.

  5. Delicious Food
  6. Trade in those hot dogs and beans for more premium food. Camping doesn’t have to mean that you forgo good food. You can make gourmet meals like fire roasted vegetables, braised beef, and campfire cake even with the constraints that camping provides. Pinterest is a great place to look for luxury camping recipes too. Don’t forget the ingredients for s’mores though – those are a summer favorite for all ages!

  7. Chiminea
  8. Having a fire is a camping staple, but having a chiminea has a lot of advantages over a traditional campfire. Chimineas are naturally protected because of their shape, allowing them to continue burning even in rain. They are also portable and directional, allowing you to get heat specifically where you want it while camping. Because they are self-contained, you can also set chimineas up in places where you wouldn’t be able to build a campfire normally. Additionally, unlike a campfire that can pose a risk of starting back up after you leave the site, you will be sure that a chiminea is out before leaving because you’ll have to pack it up to take it home.

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