3 Surprising Benefits of Handicapped Accessible Porta Potties

Obviously, ADA compliant portable toilets allow handicapped individuals to use the restroom in a way that standard porta potties don’t, which makes them both convenient and also a requirement for public events. But, did you know that an ADA porta potty has some hidden benefits as well? Well, you better believe it! Check out these three surprising advantages that handicapped accessible portable toilets have over their standard unit counterparts:

  1. Family-Friendly Size
  2. For family-centered events, ADA portable toilets allow a lot of flexibility. They are big enough for parents to bring children with them to the bathroom whether they are in strollers, infant car seat carriers, or on foot. They also allow little ones to use the facilities themselves without being too close to things that parents don’t want them touching (urinals, hand sanitizer dispensers, etc.) Because these units are so desirable for family-oriented events, we suggest renting a few extra than you think you may need to avoid having a line!

  3. Doubles as a Changing Room
  4. It may seem strange to change your clothes in a porta potty, but that’s exactly what a lot of people end up doing at events like sports tournaments, community runs, and the like! ADA units have roomy interiors that allow them to double as changing rooms for athletes. For this reason, they’re also great at lakefront events to give people a private space to change into and out of their swimsuits. We’ve even seen these used at outdoor weddings to give members of the wedding party a little extra room to get themselves ready for pictures!

  5. Ground-Level Accessibility Minimizes Stumbling Risk
  6. For times when stumbling risk is high like at night events, ADA portable toilets are a great alternative to regular porta potties because they have ground-level accessibility, which means no stepping up or down is required. This is also a plus for events that will have a large number of elderly guests, who may have trouble navigating the step up to enter and remembering to step down upon exit. Reducing the potential for injury can help to lower your risk factor for private functions by keeping guests injury-free.

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