The Ultimate Porta Potty FAQ

You asked, and we’re answering! Here are some questions we’ve gotten asked recently:

  • Are they clean?

Obviously, this will depend on the provider. Some are less conscientious when it comes to cleaning units between events, but most providers are great at sanitizing units before they’re delivered so that they arrive in pristine condition.

Additionally, some events are dirtier or messier than others. You can use your imagination with this one on which types events are less clean, but we’ve seen it all!

Also, some event planners choose to have units delivered and left for the duration of the event without being serviced. Obviously, this can lead to units being less clean than events where units are regularly serviced. When being serviced, waste tanks will be emptied, cleaned top to bottom, and restocked.


  • Is using one sanitary?

Some people worry that using a portable toilet isn’t sanitary because there’s no sink to wash their hands. While some units do actually contain sinks (and some events make use of hand washing stations), all porta potties have hand sanitizer pumps mounted inside. For this reason, using them is sanitary because you can kill unwanted germs on your hands before exiting.

  • Where does the waste go?

Ultimately, the waste ends up at a waste treatment plant. However, before it gets there, it goes on a journey across city, county, and sometimes even state lines via septic truck. For more detailed information, check out our article Porta Potties Explained: Where Does the Waste Go?

  • Can a port a potty tip over?

Yes, they can. Will they? Probably not!

Portable toilet suppliers know where to place units so that they’ll be on firm level ground to guard against this danger. Furthermore, even if portable toilets are placed on slightly uneven or soft ground, regular use most likely won’t affect their stability. When porta johns tip over it’s usually because they’re being misused in some way.

  • How much does it cost to rent a portable toilet?

Rental costs will vary depending on which kinds of units you’re renting. Luxury restroom trailers and elite units will be more expensive than standard porta potties. However, you can often get a quantity discount if you rent many units or opt for add-ons such as hand washing stations or hand sanitizer banks.

  • What exactly is a luxury restroom trailer?

Check out this great article: “An Intro to Luxury Restroom Trailers”

And this one: “Renting a Luxury Restroom Trailer for the First Time”

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4 Michigan Bathroom Remodel Must-Haves

Thinking of remodeling your bathroom? The sheer number of choices can be overwhelming when looking at contractors, layouts, finishes, and other options. Before you take the plunge, put these must-haves at the top of your list. Any bathroom remodel in Michigan needs these four essential items:

  • Permits

While this isn’t Michigan-specific, it’s always a good reminder. If you’re planning major bathroom renovations (i.e. anything other than some cosmetic updates), you’ll need to secure the applicable work permits. If you hire a professional contractor, he/she will typically be responsible for securing these on your behalf. However, if you’re DIY-ing it, you’ll need to file the right paperwork and get your permits issued before any work begins. Failing to get permits can result in fines, lawsuits, and big headaches later, so it’s critical to take this first step at the beginning.

  • Spare Bathroom

If your bathroom is going to be out of commission while work is being done, always secure a bathroom trailer rental in advance to keep your family comfortable throughout the process. Master bathroom trailers come equipped with flushing toilets, sinks with running hot/cold water, as well as showers. These luxury portable restrooms provide all the comforts of your home bathroom! Even if you anticipate your remodel to be done quickly, renting a restroom trailer ensures that everyone in your home will remain happy if the renovation takes longer than planned due to unforeseen project delays.

  • Cold Weather Luxuries

It’s cold more than half the year in Michigan, which means that “luxuries” like heated floors and towel warmers are really more like must-haves. Depending on your budget and space availability, you may even opt for big upgrades like a sauna room or a steam shower to keep you extra cozy on those cold winter nights and early mornings.

Remember that doing all the renovations you want at once is always going to be less expensive than having multiple rounds of remodels. So, if your budget is going to keep you from getting everything you want in your bathroom, it’s probably best to hold off until you can afford all the changes you’d like.

  • Bringing the Outdoors Inside

One of the biggest benefits of living in Michigan is the beautiful outdoors. Bringing the look of Michigan’s rich outdoor scenery inside is a must-have for any bathroom aesthetic ranging from new age modern to rustic vintage. Things like barn wood doors and reclaimed wooden cabinetry are reminiscent of the outdoors in a way that’s stylish and beautiful. Other materials like stone and river rock accomplish the same look in a wide variety of locations from backsplashes to shower floors.

Including additional windows or expanding the size of existing windows is a great way to bring the outdoors inside. As an added bonus, it increases natural light, brightening up the space in a way that’s cost-effective.

If you don’t want to commit to a natural look for the long-term, you can always incorporate artwork into your finished bathroom to give a natural look to the space that’s changeable.

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Lessons Learned from Four Weddings

Four Weddings is a TV show where four real brides attend each other’s weddings and rate them across a variety of factors to determine who had the best wedding. The winner gets an extravagant once-in-a-lifetime honeymoon for herself and her new spouse. Despite the premise, the show isn’t catty and isn’t in any way scripted, which means you get all the feel-good fun of the weddings without the drama. The result is just a strangely addictive show, which is why it’s drawn such a loyal fan base!

Regular viewers of the Four Weddings show on TLC will notice some recurring trends. Brides-to-be, take note: here is what to do (and not to do) on your big day if you want guests to rate your wedding among the top events they’ve attended:

  • Incorporate Meaningful Special Touches

Some weddings include special elements that reflect the bride and groom’s personalities or tell part of the story of how they’ve met. These are almost always well-received because they provide a sweet personalized dimension to the wedding. (In fact, the only time we’ve seen this backfire was when a couple decided to get married at a venue across from a major airport because they met while traveling for work, and the venue itself wasn’t very inspiring because it was just a floor of an office building.) By including personal elements, it makes the wedding feel less “cookie cutter” and more meaningful.

So, if the bride and groom have a favorite hobby or activity, feel free to include references to it in the wedding cake, favors, or toasts. Similarly, don’t be bashful about telling your story through the place settings, centerpieces, or music. The more of your lives that you can incorporate, the better! After all, it is your day!

  • Don’t Skimp on Food

Guests expect to be awed by the food (or at least not repulsed). So instead of choosing the same old chicken, beef, and vegetarian plates that every wedding venue offers, think outside the box to find a delectable lineup that will have guests’ mouths watering.

Choose scrumptious appetizers, irresistible entrees, and a fun dessert menu that will keep them talking. (That doesn’t mean offer the craziest thing you can think of however, as off-the-wall selections are usually received as poorly as dry chicken.) The same goes for drinks if you plan to have a set cocktail menu – give guests a few choices of truly signature beverages. Consider the style and location of the wedding and select food and drinks that will fit.

No matter what you choose to serve though, always avoid the cardinal sin of not having enough food! The absolute worst thing you can do is leave guests hungry. It’s tacky and it makes attendees (especially children) ornery. If you don’t plan to serve a full meal due to budget or logistical constraints, make that clear in the invitation so guests know what to expect and can plan appropriately.

  • Cover Guests’ Necessities

Food is not the only necessity that guests have. They also need water, shade, and bathrooms.
Weddings that have long lines for the bar even to get water and non-alcoholic drinks always score lower than weddings where the basics are taken care of. The same is true of shade. If you’re having an outdoor wedding, provide guests with a place to cool down and get out of the sun. This is especially important for children and the elderly, who are more sensitive to sunlight.

Bathrooms are a must-have at any event, but especially at outdoor events where the on-site facilities may be minimal. Renting luxury portable toilets is a great way to keep the elegance of your wedding while also giving guests the restrooms they need! With a wide variety of size options, there is a portable restroom trailer that’s sure to fit your needs.

  • Carefully Consider Timing

Weddings that start too early or go too late are inconvenient for guests. Just because you’re a morning person doesn’t mean that all your guests want to get up, get ready, and drive to an 8am wedding ceremony. Similarly, if you’re a night owl, you may want the party to go late, but your guests may want to go to bed or need to get home to relieve the babysitter.

Having an “off-time” wedding is usually a score killer (especially when it’s accompanied by serving an unusually timed meal). The most flagrant example of this was an evening wedding on the show where dinner wasn’t served until sometime after 10pm and the reception went past midnight. You’ll be hard pressed to find a venue that will accommodate an odd timing request like this, but even if you can, don’t do it! Stick to the traditional late morning wedding with a lunch reception, afternoon wedding with a dinner reception, or evening wedding with a dinner reception format to please guests.

Kerkstra Luxury Portable Restroom Service Inc. provides portable restroom service across Michigan and luxury restroom trailers for all of the states surrounding the Great Lakes. Take a look at our mobile restroom trailers and request a quote today!

Porta Potties – Perception vs Reality

After being in the portable restroom business for as long as we have, we’ve heard all the misconceptions about porta potties imaginable. These are some of the most common perceptions we face… as well as the realities around them.

  • Cleanliness

The biggest myth regarding portable toilets is that they’re dirty and smelly. This perception usually results from a bad experience that someone had early in life and seems to be an unshakable belief.

Now, while we’re not saying that every porta john from every company will be squeaky clean, our portable toilets are well-maintained and impeccably cleaned before events (or at regular intervals for bathrooms that are permanent fixtures at parks and other outdoor venues). The result is a cleaner, better smelling portable toilet that you won’t be worried about using or letting your kids use. Every unit we rent is thoroughly cleaned from top to bottom by experienced staff. And every rental we contract is treated with the same attention to detail, whether you’re renting two units for a single-day neighborhood party or 100 units for a weekend-long community festival.

  • Amenities

Most people assume that portable toilets just have the basics – a non-flushable toilet, a urinal, and a hand sanitizer pump. However, portable bathrooms have evolved over the years to include additional amenities that usually surprise people.

For instance, an Elite unit porta potty includes a flushing toilet, fresh water sink, wall mirror, and shelves for belongings. These amenities combined with a more spacious interior make using the Elite unit a more comfortable and pleasant experience for all ages.

Luxury restroom trailers take amenities a step further by also boasting elegant décor like wooden cabinetry, recessed lighting, accent rugs, hanging wall art, faux plants, and more high-end items. When you step inside one, you can forget that you’re even using a portable toilet! In fact, when we take these to tradeshows it’s common for people to stop to take photos to share them with friends and family members because they’re so flabbergasted at the amenities include.

  • Temperature

Everyone has had an experience using a portable toilet in the summer heat and feeling like they were stepping inside an oven instead of a bathroom.

But, luxury portable restrooms have climate-controlled interiors, which makes them pleasant to use in both the summer heat and winter cold. This feature is so popular that many brides and grooms-to-be will rent these for outdoor weddings to give the wedding party a comfortable place to get ready before the ceremony and fresh up and during the reception.

  • Uses

Many people think porta johns are just for use at parks, along trails, during sports festivals, and for free community events where costs need to be kept low.

It might surprise you to learn that portable restrooms can be used for a wide variety of events. Every year our calendar is filled with rentals for a diverse set of events, including:

      • Weddings
      • Fundraisers
      • Black tie events
      • Festivals
      • Birthday parties
      • Parades
      • Tailgating
      • Concerts

We can accommodate events of all sizes and durations ranging from small get togethers to huge city-wide happenings. Furthermore, we offer single day rentals, weekend rentals, week-long rentals, and longer.

Kerkstra Luxury Portable Restroom Service Inc. provides portable restroom service across Michigan and luxury restroom trailers for all of the states surrounding the Great Lakes. Take a look at our mobile restroom trailers and request a quote today!