The Porta Potty Challenge Hits New Records

Porta potties are useful, but they’re not usually cool. However, with the #PortaPottyChallenge fad sweeping nation, they’ve become all the rage. In fact, Sports Illustrated has even picked up the trend!

It’s a pretty simple (and sort of hilarious) concept – squeeze as many people into as you can into a porta potty and then film it and put it online as proof. The trend seems to have taken off mostly with cross-country runners… perhaps because they’re zany and perhaps because they tend to be smaller in stature, which allows more of them to fit inside. Either way, it’s kind of entertaining to watch.

Recently, a new record has been set by the Riverside cross-country team in South Carolina. The team managed to fit 40 people into a standard porta potty unit. As porta potty pros, we know how impressive that is and we want to offer our congratulations!

We do want to offer a friendly reminder though for anyone considering trying the Porta Potty Challenge. Please be aware that there are risks associated with using portables toilets in a way that they weren’t intended to be used. Always exercise good judgement and know when to call it quits. It’s not worth having anyone get injured just to try to break an online record.

If you look closely in the video that the Riverside runners posted, you’ll see that the portable toilet unit is breaking at the seams due to pressure from within with so many bodies being crammed inside. This can lead to bruises as well as more serious injuries like difficulty breathing and broken limbs. Additionally, units that are not placed on level ground or are in damp or moist soil run the risk of tipping over, especially if they’re being misused. (And trust us, no matter how clean the unit is, that’s definitely not something you want!)

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The 10 Most Luxurious Toilet Features of 2017

As technology continues to evolve, home products have followed in stride and toilets have been no exception! Sure, modern toilet models boast plenty of functional benefits like sleek space-saving designs and clean-looking in-wall plumbing, but the most luxurious features that you’ll find today are decidedly more fun! These are the best features of the year’s most sophisticated toilets:

  1. Automatic Flushing
  2. You’ll never forget to flush the toilet again with a self-slushing toilet. This technology has been readily available in public restrooms for some time, but now it’s making its way into home bathrooms as well. Thankfully, master bathroom toilets generally have a more finely tuned flushing mechanism, so you’re less likely to get flushed on while still doing your business.

  3. Heated Seats
  4. On those cold winter mornings, there’s nothing better than a warm cozy toilet to sit on with the paper (or your smart phone). Some toilet models also feature a warm air jet that heats up the floor in front of the toilet, to leave your feet as warm as your hind parts.

  5. Motion Activated Lids
  6. Just like the toilets that flush themselves, some models now open and close their own lids when they sense motion. (Now, if someone could invent a toilet that sensed when the toilet seat needed to be put up and down based on who walked in front of it, women everywhere would be thrilled!)

  7. Soothing Nightlight
  8. Toilet mood lighting? Check! Toilets that have low ambient lighting for easy use in the middle of the night are the new fad. These are great for adults who don’t want to wake a sleeping partner as well as kids who need a little help getting to and from the bathroom safely after dark. Self-contained lighting is gaining popularity worldwide and it’s easy to see why. In fact, this may be our favorite feature!

  9. Washing and Drying
  10. Built-in bidets are not new to the toilet scene, but adding a drying feature is the newest luxurious feature for regions where bidets are widely used. This addition leaves you clean, dry, and ready to take on anything.

  11. Music Compatibility
  12. Music-enabled home devices are more popular than ever before. Devices from TVs to thermostats are now boasting streaming music and USB drive capabilities, so why should your toilet be any different? The ability to stream music from your smart device to your toilet is a surprising feature that wows users and adds a fun flair to the bathroom.

  13. Stylish Bowls and Tanks
  14. Toilets in bright colors, with swanky embellishments, and even gold-plating are making a real rise in the world’s most posh bathrooms. A stylish toilet can be the statement piece of your bathroom and even be customized to match the existing décor in your bathroom.

  15. Self-Cleaning
  16. Is there anything better than a self-cleaning toilet?! Welcome to the future! Some toilets these days come with a deodorizing feature and sanitizing spray in the toilet bowl to clean with every flush. Think of this as the more upscale (and less hands-on) version of those bowl cleaning tabs that adhere inside the bowl.

  17. Remote-Controlled Functionality
  18. For toilets that also have a bidet feature, some also come equipped with a remote control to regulate sprayer jets. These provide a completely customized bathroom experience for each member of your household. Being king of the remote while doing your business? Priceless!

  19. Health Diagnosis
  20. Believe it or not, there are actually toilets that will analyze your waste and send a health report to your smartphone with helpful insights. They can report on your hydration level and overall nutrition. In fact, we’ve even heard a rumor that there’s a toilet out there that can tell you if you’re pregnant. Now that’s pretty unbelievable!

Of course, today’s most luxurious features are tomorrow’s old news. So, what’s next? Our bet is scented toilets! (Hear us out on this one…) Say goodbye to lighting candles, spraying air fresheners, or using scented oils in the bathroom. We think that the next version of high-tech toilets will feature scented water in the bowl or a nose pleasing auto-spritz technology with every toilet flush.

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Where Can I Find Portable Restrooms in West Michigan?

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Kerkstra Luxury Portable Restroom Service Inc. provides portable restroom service across Michigan and luxury restroom trailers for all of the states surrounding the Great Lakes. Take a look at our mobile restroom trailers and request a quote today!