5 Ways Porta Potties Benefit Local Parks

I bet you didn’t think portable toilets were a huge asset to the parks in your community, right? Well, believe it or not, portable bathrooms actually provide a very real benefit to the parks and other recreational areas where they’re located. Find out how the humble porta potty helps to improve your favorite park spaces:

  1. Gives People a Place to Go to the Bathroom
  2. The most obvious benefit that portable toilets provide is a place for people to go to the bathroom.

    The fact of the matter is that people will have use the restroom whether or not there’s one around. Having well-placed toilets gives people the opportunity to do their business in a civilized manner instead of just peeing in the woods. Simply put, without porta potties, your public park will suffer the unsanitary consequences of people just going to the bathroom wherever they choose instead of in a designated private area.

  3. Provides a Way for People to Get Their Hands Clean
  4. Parks are a great place to have a picnic or a snack while playing, which means that it’s important to give visitors a way to get their hands clean. While most porta potties don’t provide sinks (some do, but they’re more deluxe units), they’re all stocked with hand sanitizer pumps. Whether it’s caregivers and parents, pet owners, or kids – everyone needs a way to get clean when enjoying the outdoors. Having access to this feature is great for anyone who needs to get their hands cleaned off, especially if they plan on eating. This is another way that portable toilets make parks more sanitary.

  5. Signals that The Park is Regularly Maintained
  6. You can tell the difference between parks that are regularly maintained and those that are not. Well-maintained parks have nicely mowed areas, trash that’s picked up, and toilets that are regularly serviced by a portable portable toilet supplier. Having toilets that are kept clean and fully stocked with paper and hand sanitizer is a surefire sign that a park has a maintenance presence, which tends to make them safer. People who are hiking or biking alone, and families look for these types of amenities because they make them feel more at ease.

  7. Attracts Families
  8. We touched on this before, but families seek out places with perks that will help them to create an enjoyable time together. By having porta potties near parking areas, by eating areas, and along trails, you can attract more families. Parents are always looking for readily accessible bathrooms to avoid accidents, which means that providing them can attract bigger groups.

  9. Encourages Longer Visits
  10. People don’t tend to stay too long at parks where there aren’t the creature comforts of home. If visitors can’t find a place to go to the bathroom, they’ll typically cut their visits short so that they won’t get in a bind where they need to use the bathroom and one isn’t available. Providing portable toilets encourages people to stick around and can help make your park a destination instead of just a waypoint.

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All About Portable Toilet Rentals for Weddings

Looking to rent portable toilets for weddings? Great! You’ve come to the right place. This article will cover all the main points that you need to consider when renting wedding portable restrooms. We work with engaged couples, wedding planners, and outdoor wedding venue owners every season to help them create spectacular events, which means that we’ve been asked a lot of the questions that you’re probably trying to figure out many times before!

These are the top things you need to consider when renting portable toilets for your outdoor wedding ceremony or reception:

How They’ll Be Used

It might seem silly to say that you should figure out how a portable restroom will be used, but it’s actually a very important first step.

Obviously, people will need to use the restrooms to go to the bathroom, but is there any other way they’ll need to be used? Will everyone in the wedding party be getting ready off-site and then arriving picture-ready? Or will there be a need for wardrobe changes or hair and make-up touch ups on site? If so, you’ll want larger restrooms that can accommodate getting ready, preferably ones with mirrors and countertops for belongings. If this is the case, you should probably lean towards renting a luxury restroom trailer instead of regular portable toilet units. While Elite Unit portable toilets provide some of these same comforts, luxury restrooms are the preferred choice for weddings where the wedding party and/or other guests will be using them on-site for prepping.

What Kinds of Amenities You Want

Are you just looking for a no-frills bathroom solution, or do you want added amenities like flushing toilets and sinks with running water? If you’d like these added features, you have to choose either Elite Units or luxury portable restroom trailers to provide these types of amenities.

If you’re looking to mimic the kinds of amenities that your guests would have if your wedding venue was indoors, you’ll find that the luxury restrooms provide many of these same stylish touches – things like wooden cabinetry, recessed lighting, large mirrors, wide countertops, accent rugs, hanging art, and faux plant décor. We have portable restroom trailers ranging in size from 3-stall to 10-stall options to suit any size wedding or party.

How Many You’ll Need

If you plan on using standard porta potty units, we have a helpful chart to help you determine how many you’ll need for the size and duration of your event. If you’re interested in getting a restroom trailer, we can help you determine which one will fit your specific needs, budget, and event style. Larger trailers will have separate men’s and women’s sections (with private stalls inside both and urinals in the men’s section) that resemble traditional bathrooms whereas smaller trailers will have dedicated stalls that open to the outdoors directly. For most events, just one trailer of the right size will suffice, but for very large events or events across a wide area, multiple trailers may be used to reduce wait time and make the more convenient for guests to access.

Where They’ll Go

If you plan on having your event at an established outdoor wedding venue, they probably already have an area designated for portable toilet placement. However, if you’re having your event at a private residence or out in the woods, you’ll want to consult with us to determine where they’ll go to maximize convenience for your guests and deliverability for our staff. We can help you determine the right placement for your specific location.

Kerkstra Luxury Portable Restroom Service Inc. provides portable restroom service across Michigan and luxury restroom trailers for all of the states surrounding the Great Lakes. Take a look at our mobile restroom trailers and request a quote today!

5 Ways Luxury Restroom Trailers Will Surprise You

It may seem cheesy, or downright weird, but we seriously love our luxury restroom trailers, and we know that you will too. Every time we bring them to an event they never cease to amaze people with their unique characteristics and luxurious interiors. So, if you were wondering, these are the top 5 ways that Kerkstra’s luxury restrooms will surprise you too:

1. Features

Any portable toilet supplier can tell you that luxury features like flushing toilets and running hot/cold water aren’t standard features in portable bathrooms. However, in our luxury portable restrooms, you’ll find not only those surprise features but other appealing functionality as well, such as:

      • Climate-controlled interiors
      • Standard garden hose hookup
      • Standard 15-amp or 20-amp outlet power source
      • Low-level exterior lighting
      • Large waste holding tanks
      • Private stalls, urinals, and showers (depending on the unit)

Whether it’s a simple 2-stall trailer all the way up to a mammoth 10-stall trailer, you’ll be genuinely surprised with the handy features that you’ll find in our bathroom trailers.

2. Amenities

The well-appointed interiors of each trailer use a pleasing color palate and have well thought out amenities to please users of all ages. All the trailers in our fleet boast jaw dropping features such as:

      • Wooden cabinetry
      • Large sink vanities
      • Recessed lighting
      • Large glass mirrors
      • Accent rugs, hanging wall art, faux flowers, and other stylish décor

Many people tell us that once they step inside they forget that they’re using a portable restroom. In fact, when we’re at trade shows we have trouble getting people out of our trailers because they’re all taking pictures!

3. Configuration Options

Each bathroom trailer size that we have uses a different stall configuration to accommodate your needs. Right now, we have the following configuration options:

      • 1 Men’s stall (urinal, toilet, sink), 1 Women’s stall (toilet, sink)
      • 1 Men’s stall (urinal, toilet, sink), 2 Women’s stalls (toilet, sink)
      • 1 Men’s stall (toilet, sink), 1 Women’s stall (toilet, sink), 1 ADA compliant handicapped stall (toilet, sink)
      • 3 Unisex stalls (toilet, sink, shower)
      • 1 Men’s section (1 stall, 2 urinals, sink), 1 Women’s section (3 stalls, sink)
      • 1 Men’s section (2 stalls, 3 urinals, 2 sinks), 1 Women’s section (5 stalls, 2 sinks)

These configurations allow you to select the layout that best suits your event from a size and demographics perspective.

4. Compliments

You’ll have to trust us on this one, but when you have a portable luxury restrooms at your event, you’ll get a lot of compliments. People will thank you for having such wonderful accommodations and may even ask you for help planning their next event because they’re so impressed. Really, it happens all the time!

5. Memories

Our restrooms are the kind of thing that people remember and will want to see again, which means that if you have the same seasonal event every year, you’ll probably be expected to keep our trailers coming back year after year. Once a lady told us that she attended an expensive outdoor local food and drink celebration again solely because the year before our luxury portable toilets were there, so she knew she wouldn’t have to rough it!
Kerkstra Luxury Portable Restroom Service Inc. provides portable restroom service across Michigan and luxury restroom trailers for all of the states surrounding the Great Lakes. Take a look at our mobile restroom trailers and request a quote today!

The Best Outdoor Wedding Venue Ideas

Outdoor weddings are trendy, family-friendly, and affordable which is why so many couples choose to have them year-round. If you’re looking for a beautiful outdoor wedding venue here are six great ideas for your big day:


Local parks are a great place to have a wedding because they’re inexpensive and can often accommodate a large guest list. Public parks typically have shaded areas and pavilions where guests can eat, dance, and cool off in the hot summer months. As an added bonus, local guests won’t have to travel far to attend your wedding.

Just be sure that the park that you choose has the proper accommodations in terms of parking, restrooms, and handicapped accessibility. You may have to bring in restroom trailers to provide guests with enough bathrooms near where your ceremony and reception will be held.


Barn weddings are more popular right now than ever before, and with good reason! Farm land provides a gorgeous backdrop for weddings of all sizes. Dressing up rustic barns to provide a shabby chic elegance is a nice way to create an intimate feeling for your special day. There are plenty of barns across Michigan to choose from that can host your event and cater to all your needs.


Whether it’s an art museum, botanical garden, or historical museum, cultural institutions are a fun choice for weddings because they provide a sophisticated flair to your event. Because these venues are accustomed to having corporate events, black tie affairs, and other formal gatherings, they often have a list of vendors that they work with to make the process seamless and worry-free.

While these venues are posh options for evening weddings, having a daytime wedding at a museum provides a cultural appeal. Many venues will allow your guests entry into the museum as well after the reception as part of the wedding booking.


Nothing is more stunning than a wedding at a vineyard. If you want to wow your guests with scenery and class, choosing a vineyard is the way to go. There are plenty of vineyards to choose from throughout Michigan’s wine country that can accommodate a summer wedding. Just be sure to plan in advance, as these popular wedding destinations book up quickly.

Colleges or Universities

It may be unconventional, but a college or university campus is a lovely place to have a wedding because the grounds are already well-manicured and set up to handle large groups of people. If the couple getting married met in college, the institution of higher learning that they attended might be the perfect place for their nuptials to add a personal touch.


A campground is a quirky place for a wedding that’s well-suited for couples that enjoy the outdoors. For small intimate weddings, getting away with your closest friends and family members for the weekend to get married and camp together is a fun way to let everyone share in the event. Plus, who doesn’t want to roast marshmallows over a post-wedding bonfire?

Kerkstra Luxury Portable Restroom Service Inc. provides portable restroom service across Michigan and luxury restroom trailers for all of the states surrounding the Great Lakes. Take a look at our mobile restroom trailers and request a quote today!

Toilets of the Future – Crazy Features You’ll Never Believe Really Exist

These days everything is getting more technologically equipped – phones, cars, TVs, beds, you name it! Not to be left behind, some companies are equipping toilets with space-age, high-tech features that will blow you away! The result is a high-priced luxury toilet that’s not your average john. Here are some of the unbelievable features that you can find integrated into today’s most stunning toilets –


Everyone knows what a standard toilet looks like, but some toilet manufacturers are beginning to roll out wall-mounted designs that look sleek and save space to maximize room in smaller bathrooms. They pair well with floating bathroom vanities and vessel sinks to give an ultra-modern appearance to any bathroom.

Night Light

Hate turning on the light in the bathroom at night to do your business? Toilet night light options have remedied that issue entirely! Toilets are now starting to boast a variety of lighting options ranging from in-bowl lighting to projected lighting from the seat lid. Many even offer automatic on and off functionality to make your life even easier.

Motion-Activated Lids

While certainly not a necessity, motion-activated lids are probably still one of the most fun toilet innovations to this day. Simply waving a hand or foot near the toilet triggers the lid to raise so that you can do your business and then walking away signals the lid to close again. This functionality amuses kids and adults alike, as well as dogs. (Don’t ask us how we know that, we just do.)

Customizable Bidet

You can customize and save the angle and position of your seat in your car, so why not bring this same level of customization to toilets, right? Well, that’s the thought behind this innovative toilet feature, anyways. Some toilet/bidet combos now come equipped with customizable water jet options that you can program and save so that your toilet gets the job done to your exacting specifications.

Heated Seats

The ultimate in toilet comfort comes in the form of a heated toilet seat! Some toilets these days offer cozy comfort for people that are going to be there a while by warming up to keep your butt warm on those cold mornings and evenings. A new offering that we’ve heard about is a foot warmer option, which would probably eliminate the need to wear slippers!

Built-in Speakers

Speaking of getting comfortable, why bother playing music on your speakers or TV in another room when you can blast your tunes from your toilet?! Today’s most modern toilets can come enabled with Bluetooth speakers that stream music from your phone to keep you entertained while you’re on the throne. (Now, we’re sure you’re probably just going to use this futuristic feature to listen to educational podcasts and not blare your favorite guilty pleasures while you belt out lyrics, but either way this is an awesome addition! 😉)

Deodorizing & Self-Cleaning

Let’s face it, bathrooms get dirty! Keeping up with smells and messes is everyone’s least favorite part of their home bathroom, which is why some toilets are now being rolled out with self-cleaning features. Toilets with pre-installed charcoal filters minimize stinky smells, while toilets that spray a cleaner with each flush combat dirty bowls. A toilet that’s self-sufficient, who could ask for anything more?!

Health Reporting

We’ve heard a rumor that there’s a toilet out of Japan that can analyze your (ahem) waste matter to give you a health report. Apparently, it can determine whether you’re properly hydrated based on the concentration of your urine as well as report on the nutrition make-up of your stool. This information can be stored and compared over time to give you an accurate projection of your past and current health. The jury is still out on whether this is downright creepy or kind of awesome, but you can be sure of one thing – none of your house guests will want to use your bathroom if you have one of these!

Kerkstra Luxury Portable Restroom Service Inc. provides portable restroom service across Michigan and luxury restroom trailers for all of the states surrounding the Great Lakes. Take a look at our mobile restroom trailers and request a quote today!