The Top 10 Ways to Ensure Safety on the Job Site

Job site safety is the most important topic for foremen and upper management to consider when planning contract work because it touches so many elements of the job. Injury and illness and increase costs and time while reducing worker morale and efficiency, which means that proper safety protocols ensure that workers are protected and jobs are completed successfully. That’s why worker safety is such a hot topic and so many companies and organizations invest resources into improving safety on the job. Here are some of the most effective ways to ensure job site safety:

  • Require PPE

Every job will have its own needs around personal protective equipment (PPE). Ensure that employees are fully outfitted with foot protection, hi-visibility clothing, hard hats, hearing protection, and any other safety wear that’s appropriate for the job being done. With safety footwear, be sure that all employees have boots or shoes that meet the demands of the job to avoid a catastrophic incident.

  • Post Regulations and Requirements

Workers can’t follow safety regulations if they don’t know what they are, which is why many industries require that safety guidelines be posted publicly for employees to read. Ensure compliance by readily displaying anything that your workers need to read on the job site.

  • Encourage Employees to Ask Questions

New employees and younger workers may not have the same levels of experience that older employees do, which means that it’s very important to create a culture where it’s okay to ask questions. Make sure that “green” employees feel comfortable asking for help or confirming before engaging in a task.

  • Implement Regular Safety Training

Obviously, new employees need to be trained, but even your more experienced employees can benefit from ongoing training. Incorporate training on the newest methods into the job regularly to keep employees up-to-date on recent industry changes and narrow the knowledge gap.

  • Utilize a Chain of Command

Make it clear who’s in charge on the job site so that employees know who to go to if they’re experiencing an issue. This is important for maintaining order (especially with large work crews) and centralizing safety concerns and complaints.

  • Involve Employees in New Initiatives

The best way to get employees on board with safety measures is to include them. Ask for input when safety measures are being updated and implement a feedback loop to strive for continuous improvement.

  • Reward Safe Behavior

Incentivizing safe behavior is a good way to keep employees safe on the job. Some companies take a broader “It’s been X days since an incident” approach while others reward employees individually with bonuses/perks when they’re observed following safety procedures. No matter how you choose to structure it, providing incentives for safe behavior is likely to keep employees honest with conduct even when they’re not being observed.

  • Communicate a Way to Report Violations

Whether it’s an anonymous whistleblower program, or a way to bring violations to managers without retaliation, employees need to know that they’re safe to report what they see if there’s something foul going on.

  • Take the Weather into Account

Outdoor job sites have the added stress of needing to respond to weather conditions. Always have regulations in place (regarding temperature and other conditions) around when workers should and shouldn’t be working. Keep workers sidelined when there’s lightning in the area or when temperatures are too cold or hot for work to be done safely and effectively. If you choose to have employees working in temperature extremes, be sure to provide plenty of water and breaks in hot temps and heaters in cold temps.

  • Provide On-Site Restrooms

It’s easy to forget about the danger posed by germs when you’re worried about dangers around heavy machinery and other obvious hazards, but that doesn’t make them any less serious. An outbreak of a stomach virus or other contagious disease can cripple your job site the same way a recordable accident can. If workers are out sick, you can fall behind schedule and risk burning out the rest of the workers who must make up the slack. This is why it’s so critical to have on-site restrooms with sinks and/or hand sanitizer dispensers. Giving workers a convenient place to go to the bathroom and clean up substantially reduces the likelihood of a contagious disease spreading. Without the proper facilities, employees can’t keep hands clean, which can spell disaster for your contract work (especially during cold and flu season). Using a reliable portable toilet supplier will ensure that you’re providing facilities that are regularly cleaned out and restocked for maximum hygiene.

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How to Host an Unforgettable Customer Appreciation Event

A well-executed customer appreciation event can turn existing customers into passionate advocates and bring in increased business through personal referrals. But without the right planning, your event can fall flat. Don’t let your event be a lame attempt at appreciation, or you’ll just end up wasting money and casting your brand in a bad light. Instead, make the most of your event by leveraging it as a true marketing effort. Here are 10 tips for hosting an unforgettable customer appreciation event:

Pick the Right Day/Time

Consider your typical customers and what would work best for their schedules. This will help you determine whether you should plan an event on a week day or weekend and what time it should be. If you want to attract a lot of families, you’ll most likely want to have your event mid-day on the weekend.

Involve Customers

Ask your most loyal customers what they want to see included at the event and then incorporate their suggestions where possible. Then be sure to invite these contributors in a way that makes them feel special to ensure that they’ll be in attendance. You can even extend additional perks to your most valuable customers by giving them special gifts for attending or extending certain perks to them like closer parking.

Get All Employees on Board

To represent your company effectively, you should encourage as many employees as possible to attend your event. They can staff various areas of your event and make themselves available in case customers have any questions. You don’t want to give the impression that your employees really don’t care about customers by having your event understaffed.

Make It Family-Friendly

Unless you’re planning an adults-only event, you should assume that families will be attending as well, which means you need to plan activities for kids. Give kids lots of choices to get them excited and keep them busy. You can also set up a play and eat area for kids to make them feel like there’s something special just for them. Parents are happy when their kids are happy, which means that catering to kids’ preferences will make your event stick in parents’ minds.

Provide Food

Providing food encourages people to stay longer at events and it also increases their satisfaction. Remember, if you’re offering kids activities, you should also provide kid-friendly food to make sure that they’ll have options that appeal to them. Great food is one way to make your event really memorable and keep people coming back for future events at your company in years to come.

Consider Accessibility Challenges

Be sure to have handicapped accessible portable restrooms and other adaptations for people with decreased mobility so that everyone can enjoy your event regardless of ability.

Advertise Locally

Get the word out about your event in the local community in a variety of mediums to maximize exposure. Advertise at your location to customers coming in, send out emails to subscribers, announce the event in the local newspaper and on the TV and radio. Cover all your bases to ensure a good turn out once you have the details figured out. Be sure to let the community know what to expect – touting food, entertainment, and the other exciting features you have planned.

Give Back

An appreciation event is an opportunity to give back to the people who have given you their business. It’s a good idea to hand out gifts and offer discounts on future purchases to show that you want to share some of what you have with the people who have helped your business succeed.

Follow Up with Attendees

After the event follow up with people who attended. Get email addresses and phone numbers of attendees so that you can sell to them again in the future. Without taking this step, your event will just be a fun party instead of a sound business investment.

Keep Track of Important Data

Get data that you’ll need to plan future events. Keep track of how many people attended, what time they arrived, how much they ate, which events were the most popular, what worked well and what was a struggle to run, etc. This will all help you to throw an even better event next year.

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The 5 Worst Things That Can Happen While Using a Porta Potty (… and How to Avoid Them)

toilet paper rolls
Some people are actually afraid of using porta potties – not of strong smells or seeing something gross, but of actual calamity striking while using them. If you have portatoiletphobia (we’re probably the first ones to coin that term), don’t fear! Here are the five worst things that can happen to you while using a porta potty, and how to smartly avoid them:

  1. Dropping Your Phone in the ToiletIf you carry your phone in your back pocket the chances of you dropping your phone into a toilet at home or elsewhere are actually quite high. This means that you may run into a situation where your cell phone falls into a portable toilet. If this happens, you shouldn’t try to get it out yourself. The blue chemicals that go into a portable toilet shouldn’t come into contact with your skin for long periods of time (i.e. while you try to fish your phone out), not to mention the obvious dangers of coming into contact with other people’s waste. Instead, just focus on not dropping it in the first place. If the portable toilet unit has a shelf, use it to store your phone while you use the facilities, or tuck it elsewhere into your clothes or a bag to keep it safe. Better yet, ask a friend or family member outside to hold it while you use the bathroom.
  2. No PaperRunning out of toilet paper can be daunting no matter where it happens. Before using a porta potty, always check to make sure that it’s fully stocked with toilet paper. If it’s empty, get out of the unit and get back in line to wait for another one to become vacant. As a backup, always keep some tissues in your pocket when using a public bathroom of any kind just in case. This will help to safeguard against a situation where all the available toilets are out of paper.
  3. No Hand SanitizerJust like toilet paper, check to make sure that the unit you’re about to use is stocked with hand sanitizer so that you can clean your hands after using it. If there are hand washing stations or hand sanitizer banks elsewhere, you can always do your business and then head for those locations after leaving the porta potty.
  4. Stepping in SomethingSince portable toilets are designed to provide bathrooms outdoors, it’s always possible for someone to step in something unsavory and track it into the bathroom on their shoes. If you’re the unlucky person who uses it next and then steps in what they left behind, your shoes can pay the price. Before using a portable toilet, check the floor to make sure no one has left anything yucky in there. Since it’s harder to see at night, you can always bring a small flashlight to help illuminate the unit.
  5. Getting Stuck InsideThis is the kind of thing that childhood folk lore is made of, but the odds of this happening are so extraordinarily slim, that it’s not worth worrying about. You really can’t get stuck inside a portable toilet that’s still standing upright.

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Don’t Make These Common Wedding Invitation Mistakes

wedding invitation
Wedding invitations are one of the most stressful parts of planning a wedding. From selecting the right colors and style to deciding on the wording – it’s a veritable minefield of opportunities for mistakes. So, before you have your invitations printed and sent, make sure that you’re not making these common mistakes:

The Wrong Size

Wedding invitations are expensive enough without making them more expensive by adding to the postage to send them. Ensure that your wedding invitations use a standard envelope rather than an oversized envelope or a square envelope. This extra postage can really add up, especially if you have a large guest list. Larger sized envelopes can also take longer to go through the mail, which means that your invitations can be delayed to guests that are further away.

Hard-to-Read Font

A lot of couples choose to use a more formal font for their invitations, but scripts can be very hard to read (especially for older guests). Minimize readability issues by using a clear font that stands out against the background of the invitations. If possible, check the invitations in print as well as on the computer before you finalize them because colors and weights of fonts can look different once they’re rendered offline.

Omitting Information

Include all relevant information that your guests will need before deciding whether to attend. Set proper expectations around dress code, food served, who’s invited (a date, children, etc.). This will ensure that everyone has the best time possible on the big day.

Provide information for out-of-town guests like an address, driving directions, nearby airports, hotel information, etc.) You don’t necessarily have to include this information on the main invitation. You can always create a special insert for guests that will be traveling.


The RSVP cards are probably the biggest source for mistakes, which means that you should pay particular attention to this area.

On the RSVP cards, include a line for guests to write their names when they declare whether they’ll be attending. This seems like an obvious thing to remember because pre-designed RSVP cards include this line by default, however, if you’re designing them yourself, it’s an easy thing to forget. Without this line, you won’t know who is coming – just how many people are coming (making it impossible to follow-up with people who haven’t responded and make a final seating plan).

Another easy thing to forget is the stamp on the RSVP envelope. Putting a stamp on your RSVPs for invitees speeds up response times and reduces the risk of guests losing the RSVP cards. It’s also just a courteous thing to do so that guests don’t have to be troubled to go out and buy their own stamps.

Lastly, don’t use the phrase “Please RSVP.” RSVP translates to “respond please” in French, which means that you’ll actually end up saying “Please respond please” and that just sounds silly!

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Renting Portable Toilets 101

toilet sign
Need to rent portable toilets for your upcoming event or function? Here’s everything you need to know in one quick guide:

Book in Advance

There’s nothing worse than planning an event and then finding out at the last minute that you forgot to secure a vendor and now you don’t have any decent options left because they’re all booked up. Remember, there’s no such thing as planning too far in advance! So as soon as you have a few possible dates selected, call your preferred portable toilet supplier right away to see what kind of inventory they have for each of your available dates. This will help you narrow down a date and get on their calendar so that you have one of the most important elements squared away.

Use a Local Company

Here’s a little secret that no one tells you – using a local portable toilet company is always cheaper than using a big name national company. The reason for this is because the national companies simply take reservations for events and then contract with local companies to supply the portable toilets for them. This means that you’re paying for a middle man instead of just going to the supplier directly, which drives up the cost. Save yourself the money and just choose a local company to start with!

Get Enough

The biggest mistake you can make when renting portable toilets is not getting enough. Ensure that your guests won’t have to wait in line too long by getting enough units. If you need help deciding how many porta potties to rent, check out our planning chart.

Understand the Cost

Some portable restroom suppliers just charge by the unit, while others add-on a trip charge depending on how far away the units need to be delivered. If you’re having a multi-day event, you may also be billed for having the units pumped out once they fill up mid-event. Understand ahead of time what you’ll be billed for and what the total cost will be so that you can plan appropriately.

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