10 Awesome DIY Wedding Trends

There are plenty of great reasons to add some DIY flair to your wedding. DIY elements allow a couple to express their unique personalities at their wedding, show off their creative side, and save some money (and you can’t argue with that!). So if you’re looking to spice up your big day with some handmade elements, here are our predictions for the top DIY wedding trends for 2017:

  1. Potted Plants and Succulents
  2. Floral centerpieces are beautiful, but they’re not the most practical element to have at a wedding. Cut flower arrangements are expensive and they’re hard for family or other guests to take home afterwards. And, if you’re planning a wedding that’s not climate-controlled, they can end up wilting and looking crummy. Plus, they don’t last very long! But instead of just forgoing live centerpieces altogether, potted plants and succulents offer a wonderful alternative. These can be purchased and prepared ahead of time and then simply placed on tables the day of the wedding without fuss or hassle. Feel free to dress up potted plants with ribbon, colored foil, or anything else that makes them worthy of taking center stage on guests’ tables.

  3. Hand-Written Invitations
  4. Formal invitations can be one of the most expensive parts of planning a wedding. Between the invitations themselves, pre-addressed envelopes, the response cards, the matching thank you cards, and any other stationary add-ons that you may get, costs can end up soaring. Instead of buying all of these elements, why not hand-write some of them yourself to save on costs and add a more personal touch? You can hand-address invitations to guests and easily create cute DIY response cards for about as much time as it takes to create them online and much less money!

  5. Fashionable Bridal Accessories
  6. Bridal accessories like hair adornments, garters, and jewelry are so expensive when you get them in bridal shops, but many of these elements can be made without much fuss. If you don’t feel crafty enough to make them yourself, ask a friend, your Mom, or your mother-in-law to do the honors. This is a great way to invite someone close to you to put their stamp on your big day.

  7. Surprising Favors
  8. The favors that you can order off of a wedding favor website are fine, but they typically don’t say much about the newlyweds. And guests have likely seen all of them before at previous weddings. Instead of just picking something unoriginal and meaningless, choose a more personal favor that you can create yourself. Find really cute little boxes or tins and fill them with something you both love, like gourmet coffee, cinnamon candies, or flavored olive oil.

  9. Non-Traditional Guest Book
  10. The days of the stuffy old guest book are gone! These days couples are opting guest book substitutes like framed canvases, their favorite children’s book, wooden furniture, or mock passports that guests can sign. These create a keepsake that couples actually want to have around their home after the wedding and may actually look at years later.

  11. Dance Floor Canopy
  12. Create a special ambiance on the dance floor by taking strings of lights and sheer fabric and making a DIY canopy over the dance floor. It’s an easy and quick way to create a romantic setting on the guest floor an encourage people to get out there for those slow dances.

  13. Tagged Wedding Photos on Social Media
  14. More and more these days, people are forging the expense of a wedding photographer in favor of crowd sourcing photos. Asking guests to take lots of pictures and post them on social media with a themed hashtag or with the newlyweds tagged is a great way to get lots of pictures from many different perspectives. Then, all you have to do is sort through the images and find the ones that you like best to get printed or turn into a keepsake coffee table book.

  15. Reception Music Playlist
  16. A DJ is a great asset to any wedding, but if you don’t have the money in the budget to hire someone professionally, you can use the time leading up to your wedding to create a playlist for the reception. Include all of your favorite classic dance songs as well as current jams that will get guests moving and then vary them from slow to fast to keep it lively.

  17. Dessert Bar
  18. No wedding is complete without a wedding cake, but that doesn’t mean that your guests will want to eat whatever you’ve picked out. Consider doing a dessert bar in addition to offering cake to give guests more options. You can do something fun like an ice cream sundae bar, cookie buffet, or anything else that will get people’s mouths watering. This is a great way to keep kids interested too if you plan on inviting a lot of families to your big day.

  19. Just married Car Sign
  20. There are tons of great templates and tutorials online to make a really beautiful “Just Married” banner to hang from the car that the bride and groom will take to leave the reception. They’re relatively simple to make and are very versatile throughout the reception. For instance, before hanging the banner from the car, you can hang it behind the head table to get it in the background of any pictures that are taken of the couple during the meal, or on the outdoor luxury restroom trailer to add some newlywed cheer to every last element of the wedding.

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Does Your Event Need a Luxury Restroom Trailer?

Every day we get people asking us about our luxury restrooms. They have lots of questions, but the most common one we get is “Do I need a restroom trailer for my event, or will a porta potty be just fine?” If you’re wondering the same thing, then you’ve come to the right place!


Sure, any portable toilet (whether a standalone unit or a trailer) will allow people to do their business, but luxury portable restrooms have an aesthetically appealing element to them as well. From the outside the trailers are more appealing than your typical porta john and on the inside the differences are night and day. While both units will arrive clean and fully stocked, restroom trailers have the appearance of a nice hotel or restaurant bathroom inside. They come with decorative accents like rugs, faux plants, and hanging wall art to accent their large mirrors and wooden cabinetry to amaze guests. If your event needs a touch of style, a luxury restroom trailer is a perfect fit! This is why they’re the top choice for weddings and black tie events.


An outdoor event is inherently subject to changes in the weather, which means that in hot or cold temperatures regular portable toilets can become uncomfortable to use. This is one reason why people choose to rent luxury restroom trailers instead of porta potties.

Additionally, luxury restrooms are equipped in a way that allows people to do more than just go to the bathroom. Their spacious interiors, wide counter tops, and large mirrors make it easy for guests to apply their make-up, fix their hair, and even get changed if needed. This is a real plus for weddings or other events where people want to look nice. Some units even come equipped with showers, which is a great benefit for athletes at competitions, campers at festivals, etc.


Luxury portable restrooms come in all different sizes, which means that you can select the right number of stalls for your event size. This doesn’t set them apart from regular porta potties, because you can rent as many units of those as you need as well, but their various configurations make it easier for parents to take their children to the bathroom. This difference in capacity is something to consider if your event is going to be family-friendly and attract guests of all different ages.

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Your Guide to Camping in Style this Fall

Traditional camping is great, but there’s a new trend in camping that will knock your socks off! “Glamping” (aka glamorous camping) is a trend on the rise, and its’ easy to see why. This stylish way to camp is fun for all ages and doesn’t require roughing it. So how can you camp in style this fall? Here are our top tips for a camping trip to remember:

Swanky Tents

Goodbye struggling as a family to get your tent poles firmly planted and your tent properly pitched. There are companies that will bring fancy tents to the site of your choosing and set them up for you. These tents come with great amenities like real beds, fans, stylish home décor, and even TVs so you can watch your favorite sports while outdoors! That sure beats getting wet or having your tent blow over in the middle of the night.

A Hassle-Free Fire

Sure, the old campfire is a camping staple, but it’s a real pain to have to construct a ring of stones and then collect the wood to start and maintain a fire. Instead, bring a portable fire pit with a cover to keep your fire under control. You can place a flammable fire starter log inside and get your campfire started instantly. The subsequent controlled burn will allow you to enjoy sitting by the fire throughout the evening without running to get more wood all the time.

Premium Meats

Forget the hotdogs! A premium camping experience calls for some premium steaks and other delicious foods. Since steak can be difficult to cook properly over a fire, bringing along a grill is a good way to ensure that you’ll get the best cook for the most delicious flavor on your foods. Another option is to bring a smoker so that you can make brisket and other smoked meats for sandwiches. The smell alone is enough reason to bring a smoker along.

Craft Beverages

Whether you’re bringing bottles of hand-crafted pop or local craft beer and spirits, sourcing the right beverages for your camping excursion will help set it apart. If you look for them, there are plenty of local breweries and distilleries that create delicious adult beverages as well as root beers and ginger ales so that you can offer an assortment of refreshing drinks to guests of various ages. Be sure that you keep beverages nice and cold and don’t forget the bottle opener!

Elegant Desserts

S’mores are a camping classic but they aren’t the only dessert that you can make while camping. You can also make individual molten lava chocolate cakes over the fire and other treats to finish off the evening. A simple way to create an elegant dessert is to bring a few types of melting chocolate (white, milk, dark, etc.) to create fireside fondue and let people dip their own fruit, brownies or cake. Kids are sure to love this idea because it lets them be creative!

Luxury Restrooms

Why be smelly or dirty while enjoying your camping paradise? With everything else about your camping experience being luxurious, your restrooms should be as well. This is why you need luxury restroom trailers that come complete with climate controlled interiors, flushing toilets, running hot/cold water, and even showers.

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10 Quick Tips for Planning Your Michigan Wedding

This guide will give you some tips on how to make the most of your Michigan wedding –

  1. Support Local Businesses
  2. Whether it’s the food, photographer, florist, or favors, support your local community by sourcing as much locally as possible. It’ll make you feel better about the amount you’re spending on your wedding when you know that it’s going to provide jobs locally.

  3. Enjoy the Scenery
  4. No matter the season, a Michigan outdoor wedding is gorgeous. Sure, if your wedding is in the fall or winter you’ll probably need a heated tent, but having an outdoor wedding allows your guests to do a lot of fun things that they can’t do inside. In fact, some couples choose to incorporate their favorite sports into their wedding receptions or after-parties.

  5. Go Non-Traditional with Colors
  6. Choosing an atypical color palate is a fun way to make your wedding unique and express your personality. Instead of the typical spring/summer pastels, fall earth-tones, or winter whites, why not choose a metallic hue or the colors of your favorite sports team? Michigan is a state rich with natural color and beauty – reflect that in your wedding.

  7. Include the Mitten
  8. There’s nothing cuter than little mitten favors or place settings to remind guests of your love for Michigan. This is especially fun when your wedding will have a lot of out-of-state guests attending!

  9. Personalize Favors
  10. You personalize your wedding invitations, so why not your favors? Consider putting each guest’s name on their favor or hand writing a tiny thank you note to attach to each one as a way to let your guests know that you value them attending your wedding.

  11. Have Fun with the Menu
  12. Some brides and grooms to be feel like they have to provide a cohesive menu that all fits together perfectly, but that doesn’t have to be the case. If you like a certain food, just include it! Your wedding should be a reflection of your tastes, not what you think someone else would want. Feel free to incorporate some typical Michigan foods or brands as well (Vernor’s anyone?).

  13. Go Rustic
  14. Barn weddings and farm weddings are becoming increasingly popular, but this doesn’t mean that your wedding needs to look and feel like a hoedown. You can bring rustic charm to your wedding while still keeping it elegant and classy. Research wedding venues and look for pictures of other events that they’ve hosted for ideas on how you can make your wedding as fancy as you’ve always dreamed it would be.

  15. Choose Luxury Restroom Trailers
  16. The bathrooms at your wedding should be just as luxurious as the rest of the event, which is why luxury portable restrooms are the hottest trend in outdoor weddings! Find a local portable toilet supplier to discuss your options for your big day!

  17. Plan for Weather
  18. The weather in Michigan unpredictable, which means that you need to plan for precipitation or chilly temperatures (even in the summer). Have a backup plan in case the weather on your big day is less than ideal.

  19. Consider Travel Time
  20. While it might be fun to have your wedding and reception at different places, traveling between different areas of the state can take a while depending on traffic and weather in different seasons. For this reason, you’ll likely want to have your whole event at one place (or very close together). If guests need to be transported between locations, consider renting a bus or shuttle to take the stress out of it for attendees and make sure no one gets lost.

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