How to Plan the Best Tailgate Ever

Football season is here, which means it’s also tailgating season! If you love celebrating your favorite team the way we do, you’re probably a tailgating pro by now. But before you plan your next tailgate, here are some tips to help you throw the best one yet:

Set Expectations

People just want to know what they should expect beforehand, so if you want people to bring something, be sure to let them know ahead of time so that everyone can plan accordingly. There’s nothing worse than showing up at a tailgate without something that you were responsible for having. Or, if you plan on having all of the food, drinks, chairs, and everything else that people will need, let them know that as well. (If this is the case, you’ll likely be everyone’s favorite tailgating pal!)

Have Plenty of Everything

Find out who is planning on coming beforehand and then make sure that you bring plenty of extra food and beverages. You don’t want to run out during the tailgate and have to try to send someone out for more of whatever you need… or worse yet, just go without it. Tailgates tend to draw in plenty of extra guests and last minute RSVPs, which means that you need to be prepared. People also tend to eat and drink more when they’re with good friends, so you should plan for bigger appetites anyways.

Prepare for the Unexpected

Let people know if there are any contingency plans for things like if it rains or if you can’t get into your preferred location. Then keep your phone with you at all times so that people can call or text if they have any questions. This will ensure that everyone is on the same page.
You may want to consider erecting a tent or bringing ponchos so that you can stay dry no matter what happens. Also, don’t forget both the sunscreen and also the sweatshirts and hats because depending on how long you’ll be tailgating and what time the game is, you may find yourself battling both sun and also cold overnight temps.

Keep People Comfortable

Having things like folding chairs, tables for food, lawn games, and luxury restrooms will make people feel totally comfortable at your tailgate. If you want your event to be legendary, these are the things that great tailgates are made of! You basically want to recreate the feel of getting pumped up for the game at home, but outdoors amidst tons of other fans. Having your own places to sit and use the bathroom truly make a party great and will keep people talking about your tailgate all season long!

Make Clean Up Easy

Use disposable items as much as possible to make clean up a breeze when it’s time to put everything away and go into the game. This allows you to have fun for as long as possible leading up to the big event. Trust us, you won’t want to be packing up messy stuff to wash off later no matter what the outcome of the game is, but this is especially brutal if your team ends up losing.

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5 Reasons Our Luxury Restroom Trailers Are Better than Your Home Bathroom

Think your master bathroom is pretty great? It might be, but it’s not better than our luxury restrooms, and we’ll prove it! Here are the top 5 reasons why our luxury portable toilets beat out the competition:

  1. They’re Portable
  2. Your home bathroom may be set up exactly the way you like it, but that doesn’t do you much good when you want to go camping or tailgate at your alma mater. Our restroom trailers are portable, which means that no matter where you want to have an event, you can take them with you. This means that you can take luxury with you wherever you want to go. From weddings and community events to private parties and music festivals, our luxury restroom trailers have seen it all. Our fleet can ensure that you and your guests have a great time no matter where you are or what you’re doing.

  3. Someone Else Cleans Them
  4. You just can’t beat having someone else clean up after your event is over! Renting luxury restrooms means that when the party or gathering is over, they’re taken back to our headquarters and thoroughly cleaned. (And depending on the nature of the event, this can be a very time consuming process!) We take care of it all, which means that there’s no headache, backache, or hassle for you afterwards! Try that with your home bathroom.

  5. You’ll Get Lots of Compliments
  6. When you have people over, they may compliment your home, but unless your bathroom is absolutely stunning, it probably won’t get much praise. Our luxury restroom trailers, however, get tons of praise for their aesthetic appeal and surprisingly luxurious touches. In fact, you may find that your guests remember the portable bathrooms better than they do the details of the actual event that they attended (you may laugh, but we’ve heard of it happening).

  7. They’re Always Fully Stocked
  8. With a rented bathroom trailer, you never have to worry about running out of toilet paper, soap, or hand towels. The units all come fully stocked and ready for use, which means that you can focus your efforts on making sure everything else goes off without a hitch – not checking the bathrooms throughout the event.

  9. Multiple People Can Use Them at Once
  10. Your home may have multiple bathrooms, but each one can only accommodate one occupant at a time. Our luxury portable restrooms come in size combinations ranging from two to ten stalls, which means that your guests can get in and out faster. Less time in line means more time having fun while enjoying the event!

Kerkstra Luxury Portable Restroom Service Inc. provides portable restroom service across Michigan and luxury restroom trailers for all of the states surrounding the Great Lakes. Take a look at our mobile restroom trailers and request a quote today!

Portable Toilet Rental FAQs

When it’s your first time renting portable restrooms you’re likely filled with questions about what to expect. Hopefully this will help answer some of your most common questions about the type of bathrooms you can get for your event and what kinds of restrictions that may apply. If you have a question that isn’t answered here, just give us a call at 888-320-9992 or send us an email ( and let us know. We’d be happy to help!

What are my options when it comes to renting portable toilets for my event?

The first thing you have to figure out is which types of units will best serve your needs and fit within your budget. You can choose from standard porta potties, elite porta potty units, ADA portable toilets, or luxury restroom trailers. Elite units, ADA portable bathrooms, and restroom trailers offer more space for families, handicapped individuals, and anyone who may need a little more room to move around inside.
Depending on the size and nature of your event, it may make sense to rent a combination of units as well. For instance, an organization hosting a marathon may want to rent individual portable toilets for spectators to use and luxury portable restrooms for the runners so that they can change before and after the event.

What are “luxury restrooms” exactly?

Restroom trailers offer all of the same amenities that you would find inside a bathroom at a hotel or upscale restaurant. They boast flushing toilets, running hot and cold water, climate controlled interiors, large mirrors, recessing lighting, and the finer touches that make them feel very high-end (like wooden cabinetry, accent rugs, hanging wall art, faux flowers, and more)! These units really are luxurious, which is why they’re the #1 choice for outdoor weddings, black-tie events, and charity fundraisers.

How much does it cost to rent portable toilets?

The cost of your rental will depend on three factors – which types of units you rent, how many units you rent, and how long you need them for. Obviously shorter events or ones requiring fewer units will cost less, but there are times when larger events can take advantage of quantity discounts. Fill out this simple form with some information about your needs and receive a quote for your event!

How many bathroom units will I need?

Use our planning chart to determine how many portable toilets you’ll need for your event.

Should I get a restroom trailer instead of standalone port a potties?

Deciding whether you want standard portable toilets or a restroom trailer for you event is a personal one because you need to take into account the nature of your event. Determine which one you think your guests will benefit the most from using and look at your budget to determine which is right for you. If you need advice, let us know and we’d be happy to advice you!

Where can I get portable bathrooms delivered?

Our service area for portable restrooms is across West Michigan, while our service area for luxury portable toilets is across all of the state of Michigan as well as Chicago and many of the regions bordering the Great Lakes. To find out if we serve your area, please contact us!

What time of the year can I rent portable toilets?

Many people think that they can only rent portable bathrooms for summer events, but that’s just because there tend to be more outdoor events in the summer. You can actually rent units all year long! Many people choose to rent luxury portable restrooms during the fall and winter months because their climate controlled environments are much nicer when outdoor temperatures start to drop.

Are portable restrooms only available for certain size events?

Absolutely not! Whether your event is big or small, there are options to suit your needs. Find out now which units are best for your specific size events by browsing our gallery and contacting us for more information!
How can I find a local portable toilet supplier?

A lot of national portable toilet providers simply contract local portable toilet suppliers, which means that if you just go local yourself, you can cut out the middle man and save money. Ask around your local community or wherever you plan on hosting your event for recommendations on who to choose.

Kerkstra Luxury Portable Restroom Service Inc. provides portable restroom service across Michigan and luxury restroom trailers for all of the states surrounding the Great Lakes. Take a look at our mobile restroom trailers and request a quote today!