6 Outdoor Concert Must-haves

Outdoor concerts are great fun for all ages throughout the summer and fall, but planning a great concert can be a lot of work! Before planning a community concert or music festival, check out these helpful tips on how to put together a great event:

  1. Killer Lineup
  2. A concert is only as good as the talent that’s brought in to perform. Having a solid lineup of bands or artists is a surefire way to host a concert that people will remember for years to come. This is also a great way to keep people coming back for annual events!

    Having a variety of music genres represented will allow you to appeal to a wider audience and put together a full-day, weekend or week-long event. To accommodate lots of acts multiple stages are usually erected in the same vicinity or nearby venues are used to host musicians so that performances can overlap during the schedule. This keeps an audience entertained with lots of things to do and maintains a high energy level, which equals more fun.

  3. Food, Drinks, and Merchandise
  4. It’s important to provide food and beverages for purchase so that fans stay hydrated and fed throughout the event, which is especially important for longer events. Thirsty or hungry fans can spell disaster, especially in hot temperatures. Plus, vending is a prime opportunity to make money off of concertgoers!

    Event and band merchandise is also a great seller and fantastic revenue opportunity! Fans love collecting t-shirts, hats, posters, stickers and other merch. Plus, if any bands are planning autograph sessions, then fans will need things for them to sign. Providing this gear for sale lets fans be prepared for all of the event activities.

  5. Plenty of Bathrooms
  6. Having adequate restrooms for concert attendees is essential to maintaining proper sanitation. But aside from the basic cleanliness element, plentiful bathrooms make fans happy because it means they get to spend more time enjoying music instead of waiting in line to use the facilities. Less time in the bathroom line also encourages fans to stick around longer and frees them up to spend their time buying items that are for sale.

    In the case of a multi-day music festival, showers are also much appreciated by concertgoers. Some festivals offer paid passes to use luxury restroom trailers with showers.

  7. Fan Experiences
  8. Offering autograph sessions, audience Q&A’s, and “meet the artist” opportunities are the types of experiences that fans love! Promoting exclusive opportunities can boost ticket sales and spreading them out throughout the day is likely to keep fans around before and after concerts. These can either be offered free of charge or included in premium pass purchases.

  9. Enough Staff to Control the Event
  10. Always follow normal safety guidelines when it comes to hiring and training qualified staff because keeping control over the event is of paramount important from a safety perspective. It will also help fans to have fun and enjoy the overall event even more. Having enough staff and volunteers will allow you to provide the fan support needed when people are lost, need information, have questions, require medical attention, etc.

  11. Good Weather
  12. Obviously you can’t order up good weather, but planning a concert for a time that typically has more optimal local weather is always a good idea. Don’t plan outdoor concerts for the hottest or coldest time of the year and try to avoid precipitation where possible. Having items in place to lessen the effects of the weather is always a good precaution to take. Tents can help shield fans against direct sunlight and from rain, while providing heaters or indoor areas to warm up helps in cold temperatures.

Kerkstra Luxury Portable Restroom Service Inc. provides portable restroom service across Michigan and luxury restroom trailers for all of the states surrounding the Great Lakes. We provide portable restroom service for construction sites, agricultural applications, concerts, weddings and events!

How are G.A.P. Portable Restrooms Different than Regular Porta Potties?

The risk of food contamination by growers and packers is high, which is the reason why the GAP (Good Agricultural Practices) program was implemented. The goal of GAP is to ensure the quality and safety of produce by preventing the opportunity for food contamination to occur before it ever happens to keep consumers safe. For more information, please visit G.A.P. Explained.

One aspect of GAP is regulating the sanitary use of restrooms and handwashing protocols by growers, pickers, and processors. We provide GAP compliant portable restroom service for this very application. But if you are wondering what sets GAP solutions apart from traditional portable toilets, here are the four main differences:


While regular porta potties just sit on the ground directly, GAP-specific toilets are available in either ground units or trailer units. The GAP trailer units allow for easy movement between locations and into tight spaces. This is crucial for farmers that need to move them around their land as different crops are planted and picked. Without this mobility, growers and pickers would have to walk a long way to use the bathroom and would be less likely to keep up with sanitary regulations.


GAP restrooms are not just toilet units, they also include sinks on the exterior. These sinks allow for more thorough handwashing than just using hand sanitizer. Additionally, their standalone location outside the toilet area keeps them cleaner and allows for public usage, encouraging people to wash their hands after using the bathroom or eating.


Like any other unit, GAP bathrooms are regularly serviced by a professional portable portable toilet supplier. However, unlike other porta potties, these units have service records to provide documentation for compliance. During servicing, units are pumped and cleaned and the supplies like paper towels and soap are restocked.


GAP toilet units have special signage directing people on how to follow specific protocols properly. These signs are also bilingual (in English and Spanish) to allow for greater understanding.

Kerkstra Luxury Portable Restroom Service Inc. provides portable restroom service for construction sites, agricultural applications, events, and much more!

The Pros and Cons of Having an Outdoor Wedding

Outdoor wedding are more common than ever before! Weddings are being held at lovely outdoor venues in the spring, summer and fall all across the country in record numbers. Having an outdoor wedding can be a really unique way to celebrate your special day, but it can also pose additional challenges when it comes to planning it. If you’re trying to decide whether or not to have an outdoor wedding in Michigan, read this list of pros and cons to help you determine if it’s right for your event:


  • Beautiful Scenery
  • An outdoor wedding provides stunning natural scenery for guests and the wedding party alike. Guests that might normally get bored at a wedding during the normal wedding rituals will likely be kept interested because the setting is so aesthetically appealing. This is especially true for children because they can play outdoors and enjoy themselves during the wedding and reception. Having a wedding outside allows people to spread out more to mingle, dance, eat, and have a good time.

  • Customizable Options
  • Unlike a regular wedding venue that may only deal with their own vendors for catering, music, photography/videography, etc. outdoor wedding venues usually let you line these pieces up yourself. While some couples may see this as a drawback because it requires more planning, it’s actually a real plus because it means that you can customize your wedding to your own liking. This is especially beneficial for couples that already have clear ideas in mind of what they want for their wedding or special needs that must be taken into account (dietary restrictions, religious requirements, etc.). Having more flexibility with your wedding vendors means that you can use friends or family to provide services or call upon regional businesses to support your local community.

  • Unique Setting
  • If you get married at a wedding venue where someone else you know has already gotten married, guests will inevitably compare the two weddings. It can also make your wedding seem less special and unique. Getting married at an outdoor venue will feel different to guests because even if they have been there for another wedding or event, the setting will look different from season to season and year to year.

  • Natural Photo Opportunities
  • Professional wedding venues usually have areas staged for the typical wedding photos but these locations typically result in images that look very similar to other couples’ wedding photos. Having an outdoor wedding, on the other hand, provides natural photo opportunities that are completely unique. The photos themselves often end up looking a lot better as well because of the natural light and the vegetation or foliage in the background. People also tend to be more relaxed in outdoor settings, allowing for more authentic images.


  • Weather/Temperature
  • The weather is always a risk when it comes to having an outdoor wedding. However, with the right planning, you can mitigate the effects of poor weather. Renting a tent allows you to shield guests from rain or really hot sunshine. For weddings that are planned during the hottest months and times of day, fans can be brought in and cold drinks can be served to keep guests cool. On the converse, couples having weddings that are early or late in the season (or later in the day) may want to have some heaters on standby to keep guests warm in case the temperature doesn’t cooperate.

  • Lack of Bathrooms
  • One of the biggest drawbacks that engaged couples mention when considering an outdoor wedding is the lack of bathroom facilities for guests at some venues. While more rural venues like parks may not have any bathrooms, venues like farms often do have bathrooms but they may not be conveniently located or able to accommodate a lot of guests. No matter where you choose to have your outdoor wedding in Michigan, you can rent luxury restroom trailers to give your guests an elegant bathroom experience. Our luxury restrooms offer the same amenities that your guests would find at any upscale indoor wedding venue, including flushable toilets, running water, climate control, stylish décor, and plenty of room to for your wedding party get ready. You can choose from 2-stall, 3-stall, 6-stall, or 10-stall trailer options to fit any wedding size.

Kerkstra Luxury Portable Restroom Service Inc. provides portable restroom service across Michigan and luxury restroom trailers for all of the states surrounding the Great Lakes. We provide portable restroom service for parties, weddings, special events, and much more!

The Facts About Kerkstra Portable Restroom Service

Kerkstra Portable Restroom Service, Kerkstra Luxury Mobile Restrooms, Kerkstra Septic Tank Cleaning, and Kerkstra Waste Recovery and Environmental Services make up Kerkstra Services Inc., which is based in Hudsonville, Michigan. Kerkstra is probably best known for their septic tank pumping services, but they are also the area’s leading portable toilet supplier!

Portable Bathrooms

Kerkstra Portable Restroom Service Inc. provides reliable and professional portable restroom service to Grand Rapids and the surrounding area. Counties serviced include South Newago, South Montcalm, Muskegon, Kent, Ottawa, Iona, Allegan and Barry. In fact, it’s likely that if you live in or around Grand Rapids that you’ve actually used one of their restrooms at a local event without even realizing it!

Kerkstra’s porta potties come in different sizes and shapes for different applications. Whether it’s a community event, fundraiser, concert, block party, wedding, construction zone, or agricultural site, Kerkstra has the units that will fit each application’s specific needs. They pride themselves on providing clean, well-maintained units that will exceed customer guest expectations. Take a look at the lineup!

Luxury Portable Bathrooms

Kerkstra Luxury Portable Restroom Service Inc. provides luxury restroom trailers for events in the same area and also all across Michigan (including the UP), Wisconsin, Illinois, Indiana and Ohio. You may have seen some of their luxury trailers headed down the highway to some of the region’s most popular annual events! On the outside their restrooms look like shiny trailers, but on the inside they look like elegant, upscale restroom facilities. Check them out in use!

With six different restroom trailer styles to choose from, you are sure to fit the size and configuration to suite your needs. Kerkstra’s luxury restrooms are available in 2-stall, 3-stall, 6-stall, and 10-stall varieties. Some have showers in addition to bathrooms, which makes them convenient for everything like a home bathroom remodel to a weekend-long outdoor festival.

Call Kerkstra today at 888-320-9992 and let them help plan your next event! They’ll discuss your options and provide you with a free quote!