How Many Portable Toilets Will I Need for My Event?

When you’re planning an event, it can be difficult to determine how many bathrooms you’ll need. There’s nothing worse than having too few restrooms to accommodate everyone because long lines will form and people will become disgruntled instead of having fun. However, you also don’t want to spend more money than you need to. So what’s the solution?

You can take a look at our event planner chart and give us a call and we’d be happy to help you out! To do some preliminary prep work, start thinking about the following components:

Number of Units

The number of porta potty units that you need is contingent upon two factors – the number of guests attending and the length of the event. Obviously more units will be needed for larger events or longer events, but for a detailed breakdown of portable toilet recommendations review our portable toilet event planning table. These numbers may need to be altered for events where higher than average usage is expected due to increased food and beverage consumption, but these serve as a general guide for most events.

ADA Compliant Units

ADA compliant restrooms are needed for most events to provide handicapped bathroom accessibility for disabled people. Depending on the nature of your event though, you may want to have more of these bathroom units than the minimum requirement. These larger units are great for families with small children because they allow parents to easily bring their children in with them. Handicapped restrooms are also good for events where people may have to change their clothes because they are more spacious.

Specialty Units and Trailers

Elite units are similar to standard porta potties but they have added features like flushing toilets, small sinks, shelves, and other convenient features. These are great for more upscale events where you want more amenities than a standard bathroom unit would provide.

A step above out Elite units are out Luxury Restroom Trailers, which offer the same bathroom accommodations that you would expect to see in a hotel or other nice establishment. These luxury restrooms are climate controlled, have running water, utilize flushing toilets, and have elegant finishes like wooden cabinetry and well-lit mirrors.

Hand Washing Stations

Standalone hand washing stations allow guests to wash their hands after exiting the restroom units. These stations are great for events where people will be eating because it promotes cleanliness by offering another option in addition to the hand sanitizer pumps located in the individual units. These stations let multiple people wash their hands at once, speeding up lines and letting people get back to the fun.

Hand washing stations also allow people the opportunity to wash their hands with soap and running water without having to use the bathroom if they would like. This is a popular option for outdoor events among guests of all ages, but especially parents who may want to wash off kids’ hands or faces after they are done playing or eating.

Kerkstra Luxury Portable Restroom Service Inc. provides portable restroom service across Michigan and luxury restroom trailers for all of the states surrounding the Great Lakes. We provide portable restroom service for construction sites, agricultural applications, events, weddings and much more!

Outdoor Autumn Wedding Must-Haves

If you’re having a fall wedding, you’re probably already in the throes of wedding planning but it can be easy to miss something vital in all the hustle and bustle. This is especially true if you’re not using a wedding planner. Your to-do list just seems to get longer and family and friends have increasing requests and demands. In the stress of planning your big day, don’t forget about these 4 essential items for a great autumn wedding:

Outdoor Heaters

Having a wedding outdoors in the fall can be really beautiful, but it can also get quite cold. Be sure to put on the invitation that the ceremony and/or reception will be held outside so that guests can prepare for the weather and dress warmer.

Also, have enough outdoor heaters to keep guests warm at the ceremony, where they will congregate for cocktail hour and at their tables. Some venues have outdoor fireplaces or fire pits, but you will often need to supplement these with additional heating sources to ensure that everyone is comfortable.


It gets darker earlier in the fall, so it will be important to have plenty of illumination to keep guests safe and allow for proper photography. You can use hanging lanterns, tiny twinkle lights, candles, or overhead lighting to give guests a good view of each other as well as the bride and the groom. You can get creative with lighting in order to achieve the ambiance that you’re going for – some lighting will provide a more romantic setting than others so be sure to ask about your options. Some venues will restrict the types of light that you’re allowed to use so it’s important to plan ahead (for instance, real candles may not be allowed but faux candles with flickering bulbs may be used instead).

Luxury Restroom Trailer

Having adequate restroom options for your guests is absolutely critical. Nothing ruins a wedding like being short on bathrooms, forcing guests to wait in long lines or walk a long way to the bathrooms. You can have porta potties or luxury restroom trailers to accommodate your guests. It’s just a matter of personal preference when it comes to selecting the type of portable restroom service that you choose.

Wedding porta potties will look much like regular portable toilets on the outside, but inside they will come with mini sinks, flushing toilets and a shelf and coat hook for purses and small personal items. Luxury restrooms are trailers that provide all of the modern amenities of a hotel bathroom – flushing toilets, sinks with hot/cold water, mirrors, climate controlled interiors, wooden cabinets, and stylish furnishings. You can talk to a portable toilet supplier to determine which will best fit your needs and aesthetics.

Seasonal Food and Beverages

It can be tempting to just choose your favorite foods and beverages for your wedding, but it’s important to choose things that make sense for the season. Heartier foods that use autumn produce like pumpkin, squash and potatoes are usually chosen to accompany savory meats and rich salads. Ciders, dark beers, red wines and spiced cocktails are also preferred for fall wedding menus to accompany the autumn fare. Ask your caterer what he/she recommends in the way of a seasonal menu and draw on local offerings where possible for a unique flair.

Kerkstra Luxury Portable Restroom Service Inc. provides portable restroom service across Michigan and luxury restroom trailers for all of the states surrounding the Great Lakes. We cater to special events like weddings, concerts, festivals, parties and much more!

The World’s 10 Most Luxurious Toilets

Your toilet isn’t something you probably pay much attention to, but if you had one of these toilets we can guarantee you would pay attention. Toilets have come a long way since the days of outhouses and the world’s most extravagant toilets have a lot to brag about! Take a look at our top 10 list:

  1. Toto Intelligence II
  2. The Intelligence II is a technologically advanced toilet with your health in mind. It collects and reports data such as sugar levels, BMI, blood pressure, and body temperature to a web interface so that users can stay healthy. It may cost a pretty penny, but think of how much you’ll save on doctor’s bills!


  3. Kohler Numi
  4. The Numi doubles as a bidet (if that’s your thing) and boasts heated seats and a floor heater vent to keep your bottom and feet toasty on those chilly winter mornings. The lid automatically opens and closes for you and cleans and deodorizes itself, making it totally hassle-free. But the amenities don’t end there – it also has a dock for mp3 players and phones and a programmable touchscreen remote. With all of these features, you may never want to leave!


  5. Microsoft eToilet
  6. Okay, so this toilet is still a prototype, but we hope it makes it to production because it looks great! It’s made by Microsoft, so you know it’ll be tech savvy. It actually has a 21 inch monitor in the toilet seat that swivels out for you to use while seated. Browse the internet, watch a video, it’s up to you! But it’s not just a neat screen that sets this toilet apart. It also offers you dietary recommendations based on its analysis of your, um, deposited material. An entertainment unit and a dietician? Now that’s a win-win!


  7. Inax Satis Asteo Washlet
  8. The Satis Asteo has integrated stereo speakers and comes preloaded with classical tunes to give your bathroom-time a decidedly classy feel. But if Bach and Chopin aren’t your favorite, it also has an SD slot so that you can load your own tunes. Sounds like it’s time for a bathroom dance party! It also has a pretty futuristic looking nightlight so you’ll never miss the bowl again.


  9. Kerkstra Luxury Restroom Trailer
  10. Kerkstra’s luxury restrooms will make you feel like a rock star or VIP. Complete with stylish furnishings like accent rugs, high-end cabinetry and trim, full-sized mirrors, decorative faux plants and even hanging artwork, you’ll forget you’re using a mobile restroom. These luxury portable restrooms are climate controlled as well so they look and feel just like fancy hotel bathrooms.

    luxury restroom trailer

  11. Design Odyssey Vertebrae
  12. The Vertebrae is an all-in-one bathroom solution containing a toilet, sink, shower, and shelving. It is an ultra-modern bathroom design that is as stunning as it practical. It’s a great space saver as well for high-end loft and studio apartments. Just a warning though, this toilet system is so cool that you may never be able get houseguests to leave!


  13. Moscow
  14. The most expensive toilet on the list is the Moscow, which reportedly goes for about $280,000! The entire toilet is gold-plated, giving it a shiny richness that make you want to stare at it instead of actually use it. In addition to its gold exterior, it also has a plasma mirror and fully digital controls for all of its functions. This is truly the toilet of royalty!


  15. Swarovski-Studded Toilet
  16. Love bling? Then this is certainly the toilet for you. This is just a regular toilet except for one thing… the entire toilet is studded with Swarovski crystals from top to bottom! Obviously this level of star-power doesn’t come cheap, but it’s perfect for the serious sparkle-lover!

    swarovski toilet

  17. Jemal Wright Bath Designs Chromesome™
  18. If chrome is a little more your speed, the Chromesome is perfect! It shines like no other toilet on the market and, thanks to a recent innovation in chrome dying, it can come in almost any color you can imagine. You’ll even be able to see your reflection in this chrome wonder. This totally custom toilet will leave you polishing and shining it to show off to all your guests!


  19. Ceramica Cielo Jungle Dundee
  20. The Jungle Dundee is the ideal toilet for anyone that loves rich prints or tropical jungle designs. This totally unique looking toilet and bidet combination will definitely set your bathroom apart. Plus, the textured surface offers an experience for your rear end that’s like no other toilet you’ve ever used!

    jungle dundee

Sources: The Richest, Born Rich, Inventor Spot

Kerkstra Luxury Portable Restroom Service Inc. provides luxury restroom trailers across Michigan and all around the Great Lakes. We provide < a href=””>portable restroom service for community events, weddings, parties and much more!

4 Essentials for Camping in Style

Summer is here and people all over Michigan are heading out to go camping. Whether you’re going with your family or your friends, you can make memories that you’ll remember long after your sun tan has faded. But if you want to step your camping up a notch, we have 4 suggestions to take your camping to a whole new level.

  1. Portable Master Bathroom
  2. Let’s face it, going to the bathroom at a camp site isn’t much fun. Often times, you have to walk petty far to the bathroom and then you may end up having to wait in line. Then there’s the woods, and that isn’t always pretty (you know what we mean)! And don’t even get us started on showering while camping! The solution is to bring your own bathroom… and we’re not talking about those little portable toilets for potty training kids. Renting a master bathroom trailer is the way to go if you want to camp in style!

    The master bath shower trailer has three stalls each with a toilet, sink and shower. They are air conditioned for comfortable use, provide hot and cold water for showering and hand washing, and even have flushable toilets. It’s truly like having the amenities of home while enjoying the outdoors. The best part is that there won’t be any complaining or fighting over getting into the bathroom or showering among family and friends. (In fact, you may even make some new friends when they see your amazing accommodations!)

  3. Air Mattress with Sheets and Blankets
  4. Sleeping on an air mattress is always better than sleeping on the ground, and sleeping with sheets and blankets is always better than being crammed into a sleeping bag. Camp in style with a durable air mattress that will keep you comfortable while reading, sleeping or watching the sunset. An air mattress will keep you more comfortable so that you’ll be ready physically to tackle a long day of boating, hiking, or swimming.

  5. Delicious Food
  6. Trade in those hot dogs and beans for more premium food. Camping doesn’t have to mean that you forgo good food. You can make gourmet meals like fire roasted vegetables, braised beef, and campfire cake even with the constraints that camping provides. Pinterest is a great place to look for luxury camping recipes too. Don’t forget the ingredients for s’mores though – those are a summer favorite for all ages!

  7. Chiminea
  8. Having a fire is a camping staple, but having a chiminea has a lot of advantages over a traditional campfire. Chimineas are naturally protected because of their shape, allowing them to continue burning even in rain. They are also portable and directional, allowing you to get heat specifically where you want it while camping. Because they are self-contained, you can also set chimineas up in places where you wouldn’t be able to build a campfire normally. Additionally, unlike a campfire that can pose a risk of starting back up after you leave the site, you will be sure that a chiminea is out before leaving because you’ll have to pack it up to take it home.

Kerkstra Luxury Portable Restroom Service Inc. provides portable restroom service across Michigan and luxury restroom trailers for all of the states surrounding the Great Lakes. We cater to special events like weddings, concerts, festivals, parties and much more!

Where Will You Find Kerkstra Portable Restrooms?

Kerkstra is Michigan’s go-to portable toilet supplier. Our portable restroom service is perfect for any outdoor application and events of all sizes. Whether you’re looking for porta potties, luxury restroom trailers or a combination of the two, we’ve got you covered! Our professional service combined with our well-maintained units is the perfect solution for your needs. Take a look at some of the most common places to find Kerkstra portable restrooms:

Parks and Trails

If you’ve explored some of West Michigan’s best parks and walking/biking trails, you’ve likely seen Kerkstra porta potties along the way. We provide ongoing service to these public favorites to give you a clean place to go when nature calls and you’re out in nature. When we service any of our units, we pump, clean, and restock them with hand sanitizer and paper. Your comfort and cleanliness is our top priority!

Lutton Park portable toilet 2


We provide portable toilets in Grand Rapids, MI and all over the state for social events like community runs, festivals, concerts, street/block parties, and seasonal celebrations. You may see long banks of porta potties or luxury portable restrooms conveniently located at some of your favorite events. Chances are, you’ve used our restrooms and may not have even realized it!

Over the last year we have provided bathrooms for the Gazelle Girl Half Marathon, Blessing of the Bikes, Electric Forest, Michigan State student fundraisers, The B-93 Birthday Bash and many more great events. We can provide daily rentals, weekend rentals or even week-long rentals depending on the length of the event – give us a call for a quote!

Event portable toilet trailer


If you’re planning an outdoor wedding this summer or fall and need rental bathrooms, look no further! We provide luxury restrooms that are fitting for happy couples on their big day. Our restroom trailers come complete with climate control, flushing toilets, running hot/cold water to wash your hands, and even special details that make bathrooms look elegant (wooden cabinetry, hanging artwork, large mirrors, and more). Dazzle your guests with our fancy portable restrooms for weddings!

Wedding portable toilet trailer

Construction Sites

Whether it’s commercial construction or residential construction, we can provide the portable toilets to fit your needs. Our construction porta potties come equipped with crane racks for lifting onto higher floors or as roller units to move via elevators. Having toilets on site ensures cleaner working conditions and less time spent away from the job. Improve your productivity with portable toilets and urinals for workers. Contact us for pricing!

Construction portable toilet 1


Our G.A.P. compliant solutions are specific to the agricultural community – aiming to improve sanitation during food handling on farms and in packaging. Our porta potty trailer units have hand washing stations, bilingual instructions, and service record paperwork that you’ll need during an inspection. We will deliver and service these units regularly so that you can remain in compliance with G.A.P. standards. Our agricultural porta potties help keep Michigan-grown food safe and residents healthy!

Agriculture portable toilet
Kerkstra Luxury Portable Restroom Service Inc. provides portable restroom service across Michigan and luxury restroom trailers for all of the states surrounding the Great Lakes. We provide portable restroom service for construction sites, agricultural applications, events, weddings and much more!