3 Things You Wouldn’t Expect to Find in a Portable Restroom

Quick, name three things you wouldn’t expect to find in a portable bathroom! Okay, maybe that wasn’t such a good idea. Chances are that you may have named something… well… gross. That’s probably because most people don’t have a great opinion of portable toilets. The reality though, is that reputable portable toilet suppliers like Kerkstra offer luxury portable restroom rentals that will amaze you!

Here are three things that you wouldn’t expect to find in portable bathrooms, but will be pleasantly surprised when you do:

  1. Flushing Toilets
  2. Most people assume that portable bathrooms have to be porta potties, complete with a bright blue fluid in the bottom of an outhouse-style toilet; however, luxury restrooms actually have flushing toilets! The flushing functionality serves two key purposes – it gets rid of other people’s waste and paper right away so you don’t have to see it and it makes them feel more like real restrooms (you may even forget that you’re using a rental toilet). This is one our favorite features in the evolution of portable toilets.

  3. Heat/AC
  4. Everyone has had an experience where they used a portable toilet in the summer and ended up sweating and feeling miserable the entire time they were inside. Proper placement of porta potties can help to mitigate this somewhat but at some venues there’s just no stopping the sun from beating down and heating up units past the point of comfortable use. This is why luxury restroom trailers that are equipped with air conditioning are so great! You can use the restroom, wash your hands and even check your hair in comfort. In fact, depending on the temperature during the day, you may even find event attendees congregating in the restrooms for a little respite from the heat!

  5. Style
  6. Usually portable restrooms are simply functional, but in the case of luxury portable toilets, they look great too! Kerkstra’s restroom trailers come equipped with premium wood cabinetry, large mirrors, artwork on the walls, artificial plants and more! When you step into one of these rental bathrooms, you’ll feel like you’re entering a hotel lobby bathroom!

Kerkstra Luxury Portable Restroom Service Inc. provides portable restroom service across Michigan and luxury restroom trailers for all of the states surrounding the Great Lakes. We cater to community events, weddings, concerts, festivals, parties and much more!

How Much Does it Cost to Rent a Portable Restroom?

If you’re looking to rent a portable restroom for your next event, you’ve likely browsed your options online already. But one question is probably still going through your mind – “How much do portable toilets cost?” We’ll break down what goes into event pricing for portable bathrooms so that you know what to expect.


The number guests at your event will determine the number of units that you need. As a general rule of thumb, 1 porta potty can accommodate 50 guests for a 3 hour event. So knowing how many people you expect at your event is key to determining how many units you’ll need. Obviously, having more units will increase the cost of the rental but there are sometimes volume discounts available for very large events so it’s worth talking to a portable toilet supplier about what the price breakdown will be at different quantities.

When it comes to luxury restroom trailers, the size of the unit will determine how many attendees it can accommodate but the average range is 350-1,000 for an 8-10 hour event. Trailers that include more stalls are generally more expensive because they can accommodate more people but you’ll also pay more for a trailer that includes showers. Some trailers also vary in their configurations (for example, having a separate men’s room with urinals instead of just individual unisex stalls). Knowing what kind of features you’ll want to use and which layout you’d prefer is helpful when determining which trailer to choose.


The duration of your event will also affect the price. Longer events cost more because they either require holding tanks to increase capacity, more units overall, or pumping out of units during the event. This is especially true with weekend or week-long events, where units will need to be serviced and cleaned to maintain effectiveness and sanitation for the entirety of the event. Discussing your portable restroom service needs with a professional will help you to determine which option will be best suited to your event’s logistics.


Within a normal service area location won’t usually play a factor in the cost; however, more remote locations or further destinations can sometimes incur an additional charge. Some portable restroom companies will charge an additional travel fee or location surcharge to cover the cost of fuel and a driver’s time when bringing units further than normal.

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Kerkstra Luxury Portable Restroom Service Inc. provides portable restroom service across Michigan and luxury restroom trailers for all of the states surrounding the Great Lakes. We cater to community events, weddings, concerts, festivals, parties and much more!

5 Summer Events that Need a Restroom Trailer

When most people think of portable bathrooms they think of concerts, festivals and other outdoor events. What most people don’t realize, however, is that a portable restroom service is needed for a large variety of events year-round. Whether you’re talking about porta potties or luxury restroom trailers, we service all sorts of awesome gatherings and celebrations.

Luxury portable restroom trailers are essential for these popular summer events:

Community Run

5K, 10K, 25K, half marathon, full marathon – you name it and we can provide restrooms for it. In fact, we recently sponsored the Gazelle Girl half marathon in Grand Rapids. Luxury restroom trailers are a great addition to any community run because they provide a spacious comfortable place for runners to change and get ready for the run. Additionally, if you select a bathroom trailer that has showers you can offer the ability for VIPs and top runners to clean up after the race.

Graduation Party

A graduation party guest list can grow quickly once you account for relatives and friends. If you’re planning a large graduation party or a party for multiple graduates, luxury restrooms are a great way to keep foot traffic out of your home during the event. Your guests won’t feel like they’re roughing it at all as they enjoy stylish hotel-like décor.

Street Party

Street parties with food and beverage vendors are a great summer attraction for a city or town, but the last thing that local businesses want is people traipsing in and out of their establishments to use the bathroom. For these types of events, bathroom trailers allow attendees of all ages to use the restroom and effectively wash their hands – keeping the event sanitary.

Outdoor Weddings

For your wedding, you want upscale bathrooms to match the elegance of the event. This is why luxury restrooms are a must-have for large outdoor weddings! Impress your guests with portable bathrooms that feature climate controlled interiors, stylish finishes, flushing toilets, and real sinks with running hot and cold water.

4th of July Celebration

Fireworks, community BBQs, and carnival rides are customary for Independence Day. These events can draw big crowds over the course of the holiday week or weekend. For this reason, having high volume capacity for your restrooms is important. This is why you will often see large banks of porta potties at 4th of July events. Larger restroom trailers, or the use of several trailers also helps to keep crowds moving – minimizing long lines. This means that attendees will have more time to enjoy the event.

Kerkstra Luxury Portable Restroom Service Inc. provides portable restroom service across Michigan and luxury restroom trailers for all of the states surrounding the Great Lakes. We cater to community events, weddings, concerts, festivals, parties and much more!

Planning a Barn Wedding

Scenic barn weddings are more popular than ever before, especially in Michigan. More brides are opting for barn weddings because unlike traditional wedding venues, rustic barns can be a more unique setting for the big day. Additionally, more wedding magazines and online planning resources are embracing the barn wedding trend – providing suggestions for centerpieces, favors and decorations.
If you’re planning a barn wedding this summer or fall, here are some helpful tips to get you started – these six items are a must-have for any Michigan barn wedding:


Barn weddings are held on farms, which often have a large number of buildings, driveways, walking paths, and so forth. Without signs to tell guests where to park and where to go, they may be lost trying to find the right location. Place a sign off of the main road to let guests know that they’ve arrived in the right place and then lead them to the parking area with additional signage. From there use signs to tell guests where the ceremony is taking place and where the cocktail hour and reception will be held. Nothing ruins an event like having guests miss out on the best parts of the wedding because they couldn’t figure out where to go.


If your ceremony is being held outside of the barn, having a tent to protect guests is a good way to safeguard against inclement weather. A tent will also shield guests from direct sunlight on hot summer days. After the ceremony, the tented area can serve as an outdoor seating area for guests that want to get some fresh air and get off of their feet after lots of dancing.


Some barn weddings are held at more rustic locations that do not have indoor plumbing in the wedding space. In these instances, luxury portable restroom trailers are a necessity. Other barn weddings do have indoor restrooms, but they may not be conveniently located or there may not be enough of them to accommodate all of your guests. For this reason, you may want to supplement the bathroom options for guests by renting luxury restrooms for your wedding. Restroom trailers are great for events year-round because they are heated and cooled to provide a comfortable climate for guests.

Cocktail Area

Having a designated cocktail area for guests to wait while the bride and groom pose for pictures with the wedding party is a great way to keep the event organized. Guests will enjoy a cocktail hour that allows them to easily get drinks and snacks while socializing before going to their tables. By keeping everyone together, it makes it easier to wrangle everyone in for the start of the reception as well.

Wheelchair Ramp

If any of your guests need handicapped accessibility, that’s something that you should look into before booking a venue. Some locations will already have handicapped accessible seating and restrooms, but others will require that you rent a temporary wheelchair ramp to use during the event.

Outdoor Activities

Having outdoor activities for guests to enjoy during the reception is a great way to provide some fun for families that may have kids who aren’t too keen on sitting through toasts, father-daughter dances, and other traditional wedding hallmarks. Some farms will even provide things like an animal petting zoo or hayride tour of the farm for no additional charge.

Kerkstra Luxury Portable Restroom Service Inc. provides portable restroom service across Michigan and luxury restroom trailers for all of the states surrounding the Great Lakes. We cater to community events, weddings, concerts, festivals, parties and much more!