Meet the Fleet – Our Luxury Mobile Restroom Trailers Reviewed

If you’re looking for a portable restroom service for your next event, we have the luxury restroom trailers to serve your needs! These luxury restrooms all have flushable toilets, running water and a climate controlled environment to allow for comfortable use year-round. After that though, each trailer has its own features that make it unique and perfect for your special event. Take a look at our fleet of trailers to compare their features:

Embassy Trailer

embassy trailer layout

Capacity (for 8-10 hrs): 175 people
Men’s Room: 1 private stall
Women’s Room: 1 private stall
Sinks: 2
Showers: 0
ADA Compliant: no
Stylish Décor: aluminum exterior, wallpaper, dark wooden cabinetry, dark wooden trim, recessed lighting, rugs, pictures, faux flowers, glass mirrors, low level exterior lighting

Elite Trailer

Elite 3 layout

Capacity (for 8-10 hrs): 350 people
Men’s Room: 1 private stall
Women’s Room: 2 private stalls
Sinks: 3
Showers: 0
ADA Compliant: no
Stylish Décor: white exterior, white cabinetry, rugs, pictures, faux flowers, glass mirrors, low level exterior lighting

Chalet Trailer

chalet layout

Capacity (for 8-10 hrs): 500
Men’s Room: 1 stall, 2 urinals
Women’s Room: 3 stalls
Sinks: 2
Showers: 0
ADA Compliant: no
Stylish Décor: white exterior, maple cabinetry, maple trim, modern paint color, recessed ceiling lights, glass mirrors with stylish vanity lighting, low level exterior lighting

Fortress Trailer

fortress 10 layout

Capacity (for 8-10 hrs):
Men’s Room: 2 stalls, 3 urinals
Women’s Room: 5 stalls
Sinks: 4
Showers: no
ADA Compliant: no
Stylish Décor: white exterior, dark wood cabinetry, dark wood trim, glass mirrors, spacious sink countertops for belongings, clean white wall color, low level exterior lighting

Hydra ADA Trailer

Hydra ADA layout

Capacity (for 8-10 hrs): 350
Men’s Room: 1 private stall
Women’s Room: 1 private stall
Sinks: 3
Showers: no
ADA Compliant: yes – 1 private stall
Stylish Décor: white exterior, tile flooring, neutral interior colors, pedestal sinks, glass mirrors, privacy curtain within handicapped accessible stall, low level exterior lighting

Master Bath Shower Trailer

master bath layout

Unisex: 3 private stalls
Sinks: 3
Showers: 3
ADA Compliant: no
Stylish Décor: white exterior, white wall color with matching shower curtains, clean white cabinetry, dark countertop design, glass mirrors
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5 Situations When Portable Toilets are a Must-Have

When most people think of portable toilet rentals, they usually think of sporting events, parades and other outdoor functions. However, portable toilet rentals are must-haves for other occasions as well. We commonly work with people who need a portable restroom service for the following situations:

  1. Large Parties
  2. If you’re having a party with a lot of people, you don’t want them all going in and out of your house to use the bathroom – especially if there are going to be a lot of kids. Renting portable toilets or a luxury portable restroom trailer is a great way to minimize foot traffic through your home. It also provides a more convenient solution for party goers because it increases the number of toilets available, which means less waiting for the bathroom.

  3. Weddings
  4. Some outdoor wedding locations do not have restrooms available for guests, which is why luxury portable toilets make appearances at all of the best rustic outdoor venues throughout wedding season. Typically brides and grooms-to-be prefer restroom trailers over porta potties because of their versatility and aesthetics but both serve guests needs and are available at different price points.

  5. Fundraisers
  6. Fundraising events are more successful when participants are comfortable, which is why food and beverages are served at most fundraising functions. But with all of that food and drink, comes the need for clean, elegant, luxury portable restrooms. Having all of the basic pieces in place for patrons to enjoy the event will ensure that your fundraiser is a hit!

  7. Concerts & Festivals
  8. Prolonged outdoor events like weekend concerts and festivals necessitate not only portable toilets but also portable showers to keep event goers clean and festivities fun. Luxury restroom trailers can come equipped with just contain toilets and sinks or with full bathroom stalls that include hot/cold showers as well. These are preferred for events where pass holders are permitted to camp out for the event in tents because they are a very sanitary option.

  9. Bathroom Remodel Projects
  10. If your bathroom is being remodeled, you will need a temporary bathroom on the premises to use in the interim. Luxury restrooms let you feel like you still have access to your master bathroom throughout the duration of the project. You won’t hear complaints from your family if they have access to a restroom trailer with hot/cold running water and a flushing toilet while their regular bathroom is unavailable.

Kerkstra Luxury Portable Restroom Service Inc. provides portable restroom service across Michigan and luxury restroom trailers for states around the Great Lakes. We’d love to be a part of your next event – request a quote today!

G.A.P Explained

The Good Agricultural Practices (GAP) Program is a voluntary agricultural program designed to reduce the risk of contamination to fruits and vegetables by food growers and packers. Some states also have commodity-specific GAPs for certain agricultural products like blueberries, citrus, mushrooms and more.

Foodborne illnesses are bad for business because tainted food causes bad publicity and decreases consumer confidence in agricultural products overall, which harms the whole industry. Avoiding this is the driving force behind GAP.

The standards and regulations imposed as a part of GAP also aim to improve the use of natural resources, ensure the quality of produce, improve working conditions and create new market opportunities for growers and exporters alike. GAP procedures and protocols are also in keeping with other national and international regulations, which means that a strong emphasis on GAP helps avoid non-compliance issues in these areas as well.

The reason why GAP has become so widely accepted is because preventing contamination is much simpler than removing contamination after it has happened. By simply getting workers to wash their hands properly before touching fruits and vegetables, it eliminates the need to eliminate pathogens later on. This is why having a firm program in place that lays out expectations for worker sanitation when it comes to soil, water, hands and surfaces is so critical. But just following the proper procedures is not enough, documentation needs to be in place to prove that all health protocols are being followed during an inspection.

As a portable toilet supplier, our turnkey GAP solutions include ground units with sinks and trailer units with hand washing stations. We provide signage in English and Spanish, spill charts, service records and routine maintenance of the units to ensure clean operation. You do not have to worry about adapting someone else’s products to your GAP-specific uses because our portable toilets in Grand Rapids, MI are meant for agricultural GAP usage. We’re happy to serve both sides of the state – just give us a call!

Kerkstra Portable Restroom Service Inc. provides portable restroom service across Michigan for agricultural applications. Find out more about our GAP compliant solutions today!

10 Portable Bathroom Misconceptions

If you ask someone what they think about portable toilets, they are probably not going to paint you a very pretty picture. The reason for this is that most of us have had bad experiences with portable toilets in the past, which have colored our perception of them and left us with a lot of misconceptions. Furthermore, some people just have misconceptions formed because they haven’t been to many events where portable toilets were present or have never used a luxury portable restroom trailer. Well, we’re ready to set the record straight!

Here are the 10 most common misconceptions we’ve heard about portable toilets:

  1. Not Clean
  2. Dirty porta potties usually result from poor maintenance or overuse. Neither scenario is desirable! We always deliver portable toilet units clean and in proper working order and when we service them, we do so thoroughly so that anyone using them will have a positive experience. In fact, our portable restrooms are the nicest and cleanest in the industry because we take pride in power washing each unit inside and out before sending them out to service their next event. This is why you can be sure that any portable toilet rentals from us will reflect positively on your event!

  3. Ugly
  4. The iconic look of a bank of porta johns is something everyone has seen before. This look is fine for street festivals, outdoor concerts and other events where aesthetics aren’t as important as functionality. However, for events like weddings, black tie events and fundraisers, luxury restrooms are preferred, which is why we do so much business for these types of events with our luxury restroom trailers. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder and if you don’t like the look of a typical porta potty, there are plenty of other options available!

  5. Smelly and Gross
  6. Traditional portable toilets just have holding tanks below the toilet where waste is visible, which can be unsightly and unpleasant for some people. Luxury portable restrooms, however, have flushing toilets which reduces is much more pleasing to people that find fault with traditional units. If this is a concern, there are plenty of options to choose from –there are standalone porta potties (like the Elite Unit) and also restroom trailers that come with flushable toilets.

  7. Can’t Wash Your Hands
  8. Not being able to wash your hands after using the restroom used to be a concern with porta potties, but these days there are tons of ways to keep your event sanitary. Porta johns come standard with hand sanitizer pumps mounted on the walls inside and can be supplemented by renting additional hand sanitizer stations to encourage people to keep their hands clean after using the restroom.
    Additionally, hand washing stations can be rented to go along with portable toilet rentals. These allow people to leave the units and wash their hands with soap before returning to the event. Some units even come with fresh water sinks built in to provide a more traditional restroom experience.

  9. Not Fit for Classy Events
  10. As mentioned before, luxury portable toilets provide elegant solutions for fancier events – allowing event guests the sophistication your executive event needs.

  11. Restroom Trailers are Too Expensive for Small Events
  12. There is not a certain size event where having porta potties makes sense over having a restroom trailer. Luxury restroom trailers are meant for events of all sizes and really come down to what your preference is for the event.

  13. Luxury Portable Toilets are Really Just Handicapped Units
  14. Luxury portable toilets like the Elite Unit are larger than typical units, which is probably where this myth got started. However, these portable toilets have added features inside that make them great for parties – like mirrors, shelves, coat hooks, and a fresh water sink with soap and a hand towel.

  15. Restroom Trailers are Basically Small RVs
  16. People hear “bathroom trailer” and assume that portable restrooms are basically like RVs, which deters them because they don’t want to take up too much space at their event or overspend from their event budget. However, restroom trailers are really just that – restrooms that are on portable trailers so they can be delivered to your outdoor venue. See for yourself!

  17. For Fun Events Only
  18. Sure, portable toilets make appearances at lots of fun events like concerts, weddings and festivals; however, portable toilets are also needed for more regular applications like on construction job sites and in agricultural operations. We have portable toilet units geared toward these specific applications!

  19. Only Need 1 or 2
  20. The number of portable toilet units that you need is contingent upon how the number of people attending and the duration of the event. Use our handy event planning tool to determine how many portable toilets you’ll need!

Kerkstra Portable Restroom Service Inc. provides portable restroom service across Michigan and luxury portable restroom trailers to states surrounding the Great lakes. Request a quote today!

Are Luxury Portable Restrooms Really… Luxurious?

It seems strange to call a bathroom luxurious, unless you’re talking about a celebrity’s gilded gold toilet or something, but our luxury portable restrooms really are just that!

Flushing Toilet

Everyone has seen or smelled something in a porta potty that they would rather forget! Unlike a porta john, portable restroom trailers have flushing toilets, which means that they are basically on par with a regular indoor bathroom. In fact, while using the facilities, your guests may actually forget they are at an outdoor venue using a portable bathroom. For executive or fancy events, this feature is a must!

Hot/Cold Running Water

Another big differentiating factor between luxury restroom trailers and other portable toilet options is the running water feature. In porta potties, you just get a hand sanitizer wall dispenser and maybe a standalone hand washing station depending on the provider, but these often don’t feel the same as having a real sink with hot and cold running water. This is one thing that customers appreciate the most about the portable toilet trailers because it makes the bathrooms feel like real men’s and women’s bathrooms. At events where food is being served, this feature is especially important because proper sanitation means the difference between people having fun and people getting sick.

Depending on what type of event you’re having and how long it will run, the hot/cold water feature is especially nice because some of the bathroom trailers have toilets as well as shower stalls. So if you are looking for restroom options to accommodate a weekend-long event, this is an option that you may want to utilize.

Stylish Décor

The décor inside a luxury portable restroom trailer looks just like a bathroom that you would find in a hotel, restaurant or any other venue where you might hold an event. Depending on which trailer you choose, features may include:

  • Rugs
  • Pictures on the walls
  • Faux flowers
  • Maple cabinetry and trim
  • Glass mirror

These home-y touches make luxury restroom trailers a stylish place for people to do their business. The size of the stalls in the trailers also allows people to get changed without being cramped for space and parents to fit in comfortably with children (neither of which is possible with a standard porta potty).


Depending on the season, air conditioning or heat may be needed to provide a comfortable temperature inside the trailers. Unlike porta potties, where you have to just get in and out quickly if they are too hot or too cold, portable restroom trailers allow people to feel comfortable while using the restroom or mirror no matter what the exterior temperature is.

Now that you have a better idea of what to expect with a portable restroom trailer, you can see why they are a top choice for outdoor weddings and other special occasions!

Kerkstra Luxury Portable Restroom Service Inc. provides portable restroom service across Michigan and luxury restroom trailers for all of the states surrounding the Great Lakes. We cater to weddings, concerts, festivals, parties and much more! Consider our mobile restroom trailers for your next event and request a quote today!

Porta Potties vs. Restroom Trailers

If you’re planning an event and looking into your portable restroom service options, you’ve likely discovered both portable toilets and also restroom trailers for rent. What are the differences? How do you know which will serve your needs best? When you compare them side-by-side, which one will win out? We’re here to help answer those questions for you!

General Aesthetics

From an aesthetics perspective, luxury restroom trailers will always be the best way to go because they are outfitted with features and stylish décor that make them look like fancy men’s and women’s restrooms. The stalls, flushing toilets, sinks and furnishings are meant to make you forget that you’re using a portable restroom. These are the go-to choice for weddings and executive functions.
Winner: Luxury restroom trailers.

Hand Washing

No matter what kind of event you’re planning, you want people to be clean. This is especially important if people will be handling or consuming food. For this reason, most porta potties are outfitted with hand sanitizer pumps inside. Another popular option for sanitation with porta potties is to implement hand washing stations outside of the units. These not only allow people to properly wash their hands, but it frees up the bathroom unit for use by another person, which keeps lines shorter.

Luxury portable restroom trailers have sinks with running hot and cold water, which are easy and convenient to use. Some of them also have wood cabinetry and trim, which is visually appealing for guests.
Winner: It’s a tie.

Use & Versatility

Standard porta potties are outfitted with a toilet, urinal and hand sanitizer pump and are primarily just used for going to the bathroom (although the Elite Unit is larger than a standard bathroom unit and includes a small sink, mirror, shelves and coat hook). Portable restroom trailers, however, can also come equipped with showers. These luxury restrooms tend to be more spacious, allowing people to change and get ready for the event. For this reason, restrooms trailers are often seen as more versatile.
Winner: Usually luxury restroom trailers, but it depends which model you select.

Total Cost

If you have a lot of people attending your event, you may want to consider porta potties because they are more cost effective for very large crowds. For instance, if you are going to have 1,000 attendees for an 8 hour event, and want to use luxury restrooms, you will need the Fortress 10 stall trailer or a combination of several smaller trailers. For this same size crowd, you will only need 11 portable toilets, which are far less expensive on a per unit basis.
Winner: Porta potties.

Kerkstra Luxury Portable Restroom Service Inc. provides portable restroom service across Michigan and luxury restroom trailers for all of the states surrounding the Great Lakes. Use our portable bathroom calculator and request a quote today!

How to Potty like A Rockstar at Your Wedding

So you’re planning your wedding and looking into portable toilet options. Well, you’ve come to the right place!

Chances are that this is the first time you’ve planned an event like this, so we’ll walk you through the different things you need to consider when selecting the appropriate bathrooms for your event. Our goal is to give you the information that you need to potty like a rockstar at your wedding!

Number of Guests

Obviously, as the number of guests increases, the number of bathroom units will need to increase. In the case of traditional porta potty-type toilets, this means just adding more units. In the case of luxury restroom trailers, this means upgrading to a larger trailer size (with more stalls). As a general rule of thumb, one porta potty can accommodate up to 50 guests for a 1-3 hour event. For more guests or longer events, you can use our portable toilet calculator to assist in your planning.

Even the smallest restroom trailers, however, serve a much larger group. Our Embassy 2 Stall Trailer can accommodate 175 guests for 8-10 hours. The luxury restroom trailers go all the way up in size to the Fortress 10 Stall Trailer, which can accommodate 1,000 guests for an 8-10 event.

Will There Be A Line?

You may be looking at these numbers and thinking to yourself, “If I’m only having 100 people at my wedding, all I need is 2 porta potties then and I’m all set!” However, what you need to take into account is that the max attendees and max event duration numbers simply represent the total possible capacity for a unit. They do not indicate what will be most convenient for your guests.

If you were to just have two portable toilets for your guests, chances are that they would end up waiting in line for the bathroom rather than enjoying themselves at your wedding reception. For this reason, you should consider the convenience of your guests as well. Having additional portable toilet units or a restroom trailer with more stalls is a good way to reduce lines and keep your guests happy. Trust us, having too many toilets is always a better problem to have than not having enough for everyone!


There is obviously a difference in appearance between luxury portable restrooms and regular portable toilets, which means that there is a difference in perception as well. Some engaged couples choose to go with luxury restrooms rather than portable toilet rentals because they want their guests to feel as if they have all of the amenities of an indoor venue while enjoying the outdoors. Others don’t mind having a vibe that’s a bit more rustic. No matter which route you choose to go, we can work with your budget to find something that will fit your needs and event date.

Expected Usage

This may seem like a silly point to make, but you should consider how the portable bathroom rentals will be used. Obviously, people will use them for going to the bathroom, but will they serve any other purpose? At some outdoor wedding venues, there isn’t really anywhere for the wedding party to get dressed or for the ladies to touch up their make-up. While all of the bathrooms that we provide will arrive completely clean and sanitized, people often feel more comfortable getting ready in luxury restroom trailers rather than porta potties.

Time of Day & Season

If you are having an evening wedding, you may want to opt for a bathroom trailer because they all come standard with low level exterior lighting. This is a really nice feature to have at night!

Additionally, if you are having your wedding when there is the possibility of very hot or very chilly weather, having the option to air condition or heat your bathrooms will be much appreciated by your guests. No one wants to go into a portable toilet in a fancy dress or suit and come out all sweaty! Luxury portable toilet trailers can be air conditioned or heated as needed to keep your guests comfortable.

Kerkstra Luxury Portable Restroom Service Inc. is a portable toilet supplier for events of all sizes across Michigan. They also provide luxury restroom trailers for all of the Great Lakes states. Take a look at our portable restroom options and request a quote today!

Planning an Outdoor Wedding – 5 Essentials

Planning an outdoor wedding can be fun and exciting, but it can also be overwhelming. There are challenges that come with outdoor weddings that simply don’t exist for more traditional weddings. But all of these challenges are worth it when you’re saying “I do” out in the beauty of nature surrounded by friends and family.

What do you need to plan for and what can you do without? We’ll give you the top 5 essentials for your perfect outdoor wedding:

  1. Limo or Classic Car
  2. When you arrive at your outdoor wedding venue, you should do so in style. Pulling up in a shiny limo is a great way to do that! If a limo isn’t really your style, a nice classic car can turn heads as you arrive as well. Finding a classic car that matches or compliments your wedding colors can be a really nice touch and provide an excellent opportunity for photos.

    Some brides and grooms forgo the grand entrance and decide to just ride away in style to be more budget-conscious. Either way, having some luxurious transportation involved in your wedding day can make the whole occasion feel even more especial and exciting.

  3. Signage
  4. Some outdoor wedding venues do a great job when it comes to signage – enabling your guests to easily park and find their way around. More rustic venues or venues that are not typically used for weddings often do not provide the same level of signage. For this reason, you may want/need to take it upon yourself to create signs directing guests to things like the bar, the gifts table/area, where the reception will be, the restrooms, etc.

    If you do the signage yourself, you can even create signs that are in keeping with the rest of the décor to give everything a cohesive look. Proper communication will be essential on your big day to ensure that everyone gets where they need to go so that the whole thing can go smoothly.

  5. Seasonal Drinks
  6. Whether your outdoor wedding is in the spring, summer or fall, having some seasonal drinks is a great way to celebrate the season and make it a part of your big event. Light refreshing drinks with a bit of carbonation are great for the spring and summer months (for instance a moscow mule or mojito). Warmer and more savory drinks are better for fall months (for instance an apple cider hot toddy or hot buttered rum).

    Even if you don’t want to offer alcoholic drinks, or you’re looking for an alternative for the kids, having seasonal drinks (like a shirley temple in the summer or warm apple cider with cinnamon in the winter) can bring the whole event together.

  7. Delicious Food
  8. No wedding reception is complete without a delicious spread of food. The trend more and more these days is offering a buffet for guests so that wedding planners do not need to worry about locking everyone’s food preferences in ahead of time. Offering a few main course options, paired with some delicious side and salad offerings is a surefire way to make your guests happy and have them remember the event for years to come. Again, you can incorporate seasonal elements into the dishes through the use of in-season fruits and vegetables.

  9. Luxury Bathrooms
  10. You may not want to think about this on your wedding day, but all of that food and drink has to go somewhere! If you’re having an outdoor wedding, you need to plan for wedding restrooms as well (unless you want your guests making use of nearby trees). But fear not – your wedding ambiance doesn’t have to be ruined by a long row of blue porta potties! Luxury portable restrooms are the perfect way to provide the facilities you need for your event without sacrificing comfort.

    Luxury restrooms? Yes! The luxury portable toilets that we’re referring to are actually restroom trailers that look and feel like a restroom you would find in a hotel or other typical wedding venue. They have flushing toilets, running hot/cold water and can offer heating or cooling depending on the season. Restroom trailers also come equipped with mirrors and fine finishes like wood cabinetry and artwork on the walls. If you haven’t looked into luxury restroom trailers yet, you need to!

Kerkstra Luxury Portable Restroom Service Inc. provides portable restroom service across Michigan and luxury restroom trailers for all of the states surrounding the Great Lakes. Take a look at our mobile restroom trailers and request a quote today!