10 Ways to Upset Guests at Your Wedding

While planning a wedding you would never set out to upset your guests. However, the decisions that brides and grooms-to-be make while doing wedding planning can sometimes upset guests on the big day. If you want your special event to go without a hitch, don’t commit any of these wedding faux pas:

  • Limit Guest Additions

Sure, sometimes there are good reasons to limit the guest count, like strict headcount caps from the venue. However, not providing single guests with a plus one, or allowing couples to bring their children (at least their older children) will upset some guests. You’ll likely lose some people who would rather not attend the wedding stag, which can sting if they’re important to the bride and groom. If you’re running out of space, invite fewer people and allow them to each bring a guest to increase the chances of everyone you really want there coming.

If you really can’t let invitees bring guests, at least seat them together at a singles table to increase the liklihood that they’ll find other people to talk to at the reception.

  • Run Out of Food

Running out of food is the cardinal sin at a wedding. People attend a wedding reception with the expectation that they’ll be fed. Whether the food option is a full meal or just appetizers, make sure there’s enough to go around. This is especially important if the reception spans a traditional meal timeframe, like dinnertime. Guests won’t stay at a wedding if they’re hungry!

  • Have a Line for the Bathroom

No one wants to spend their time waiting in line, especially for the bathroom! It’s inconvenient and uncomfortable. Provide plenty of bathrooms for guests so that they can use the facilities quickly and get back to having fun. If you’re planning an outdoor event, you may need to bring in restrooms to supplement whatever options are onsite. Luxury restroom trailers provide the same comforts of indoor bathrooms with the accessibility of portable units. They can be placed in most outdoor locations to provide guests with classy options nearby.

  • Fail to Plan for Inclement Weather

Keep guests warm with heaters, cool with a tent, and dry with a roofed structure. Failing to meet guests’ basic needs will quickly upset guests (especially those with children in tow), causing them to leave. A soaked bride and groom also don’t allow for memorable pictures either. Keep everyone happy by making them comfortable regardless of the season and the weather.

  • Provide a Cash Bar

Guests spend money to buy gifts and travel to weddings, so when they get there, they don’t want to be asked to shell out more money for beverages. While paying for non-alcoholic drinks has been basically eliminated these days from the wedding scene, some couples still choose to do a cash bar for alcohol. However, many guests view this as tacky and may not think as highly of the wedding (or the couple) as a result. Don’t cheapen your big day by asking guests to get out their wallets for a drink.

If you want to limit consumption at your wedding or reduce the cost, opt for a custom bar solution instead, like just providing wine instead of a full open bar and supplementing it with other fun beverages like non-alcoholic punch and sparkling water.

  • Make them Sit Through Too Many Planned Events

Sure, guests want to see the couple make memories on their big day, but they also want to socialize with friends, family, and new acquaintances. Having too many planned events (speeches, dances, bouquet toss, etc.) can make the whole thing feel too structured and planned and remove the spontaneity that everyone will remember the most in the long run. Unless traditional elements like a Father-of-the-Bride and Mother-of-the-Groom dance are important to you, just skip them.

  • Play Bad Music

A bad DJ, band, or instrumentalist can kill the vibe at a wedding reception. Make sure that whoever is responsible for the music is on the same page with you, and vet them via references to ensure they’re the right fit for your vision of your wedding.

  • Have Uncomfortable Seating

Seats that aren’t functional for the duration of your event may get guests off their feet, but older attendees will likely be uncomfortable and may need to leave early if you don’t provide adequate seating. Worse yet, are the outdoor wedding receptions where there isn’t enough seating. Guests may want to dance and socialize, but they should also have a place to sit and relax in between to keep them comfortable. Don’t assume that just because you plan to be walking around the whole time that your guests will too.

  • Forget to Thank Them

Always thank anyone that comes to your wedding. People want to be a part of your special day, which includes talking to you at your wedding to offer their congratulations and well wishes. As a guest it’s a let down if you leave a wedding without feeling like the couple knew you were there.

  • End the Reception Early

Some wedding venues have strict cut offs for time at the end of an event, which is fine if you’ll have plenty of time to enjoy yourselves. However, if a venue you’re looking at won’t provide enough time to do everything you imagine (including enjoying time with your guests), look elsewhere. This is one area where outdoor weddings really shine, because depending on the location, you may be able to stay there as late as you’d like. This gives ample time for a reception and even an after party if you’d like.

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