10 Quick Tips for Planning Your Michigan Wedding

This guide will give you some tips on how to make the most of your Michigan wedding –

  1. Support Local Businesses
  2. Whether it’s the food, photographer, florist, or favors, support your local community by sourcing as much locally as possible. It’ll make you feel better about the amount you’re spending on your wedding when you know that it’s going to provide jobs locally.

  3. Enjoy the Scenery
  4. No matter the season, a Michigan outdoor wedding is gorgeous. Sure, if your wedding is in the fall or winter you’ll probably need a heated tent, but having an outdoor wedding allows your guests to do a lot of fun things that they can’t do inside. In fact, some couples choose to incorporate their favorite sports into their wedding receptions or after-parties.

  5. Go Non-Traditional with Colors
  6. Choosing an atypical color palate is a fun way to make your wedding unique and express your personality. Instead of the typical spring/summer pastels, fall earth-tones, or winter whites, why not choose a metallic hue or the colors of your favorite sports team? Michigan is a state rich with natural color and beauty – reflect that in your wedding.

  7. Include the Mitten
  8. There’s nothing cuter than little mitten favors or place settings to remind guests of your love for Michigan. This is especially fun when your wedding will have a lot of out-of-state guests attending!

  9. Personalize Favors
  10. You personalize your wedding invitations, so why not your favors? Consider putting each guest’s name on their favor or hand writing a tiny thank you note to attach to each one as a way to let your guests know that you value them attending your wedding.

  11. Have Fun with the Menu
  12. Some brides and grooms to be feel like they have to provide a cohesive menu that all fits together perfectly, but that doesn’t have to be the case. If you like a certain food, just include it! Your wedding should be a reflection of your tastes, not what you think someone else would want. Feel free to incorporate some typical Michigan foods or brands as well (Vernor’s anyone?).

  13. Go Rustic
  14. Barn weddings and farm weddings are becoming increasingly popular, but this doesn’t mean that your wedding needs to look and feel like a hoedown. You can bring rustic charm to your wedding while still keeping it elegant and classy. Research wedding venues and look for pictures of other events that they’ve hosted for ideas on how you can make your wedding as fancy as you’ve always dreamed it would be.

  15. Choose Luxury Restroom Trailers
  16. The bathrooms at your wedding should be just as luxurious as the rest of the event, which is why luxury portable restrooms are the hottest trend in outdoor weddings! Find a local portable toilet supplier to discuss your options for your big day!

  17. Plan for Weather
  18. The weather in Michigan unpredictable, which means that you need to plan for precipitation or chilly temperatures (even in the summer). Have a backup plan in case the weather on your big day is less than ideal.

  19. Consider Travel Time
  20. While it might be fun to have your wedding and reception at different places, traveling between different areas of the state can take a while depending on traffic and weather in different seasons. For this reason, you’ll likely want to have your whole event at one place (or very close together). If guests need to be transported between locations, consider renting a bus or shuttle to take the stress out of it for attendees and make sure no one gets lost.

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